Random thoughts for July 9

  • For those keeping score at home, Michael Jordan’s decision to extend Gordon Hayward a max offer sheet is very, very bad news on the Chandler Parsons front.  
  • As I just tweeted a few minutes ago, I’m going to completely lose it if one more person suggests the team “focus on its bench and go after Durant next summer.”  The second Chandler Parsons re-signs, the Rockets kiss cap room goodbye for the duration of the H&H era.  That’s not even mentioning the fact that Durant isn’t a free agent until 2016.
  • That “maintenance program” designed to keep Dwyane Wade fresh for the Finals suddenly isn’t so cute anymore when Josh McRoberts is the second best player on the team and they’re out of the race by mid-December.
  • I’m not too thrilled by the signings of McRoberts and Granger either, but does Cleveland really give Lebron a better chance to win than Miami, next season?  Kyrie hasn’t really shown anything thus far in his career to make one think he’s a primetime player, though you have to think adding Lebron to the mix changes that.  There are numerous examples throughout recent history of high-scoring young “losers” who became impactful winners upon a change of environment/influence.  (I just can’t think of any off the top of my head).  You don’t know what you’re getting from Bennett and Wiggins.  Thompson?  Does Waiters stop trying to fight Kyrie?  And where’s there rim protection after Verajao goes down inevitably in mid-November?
  • Can you really go back to a team that cut guys like Mike Miller to line the owner’s pockets in the middle of a title defense?  You just can’t go back there after that.
  • …can you really go back to a team owned by a guy who wrote an angry letter in Comic Sans declaring his superiority?
  • I don’t really have a problem with Bosh declaring Miami is his first choice, as some of you do.  You guys need to stop being so emotionally volatile.  We’re not looking for a wife here.  It’s a game of transactions and we’re trying to put together a team of players that can win a title.  This doesn’t have to be Chris Bosh’s first option for him to come in and play hard.  Nothing in his history suggests he would do otherwise.
  • If I had to get one stop at that end, I’m putting in Omer Asik and Anthony Davis over Dwight Howard and Chris Bosh.  Sorry guys.

About the author: Rahat Huq is a lawyer in real life and the founder and editor-in-chief of Red94.net.

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