Preview: Oklahoma City Thunder vs. Houston Rockets

Unfortunately I will not be watching this game as I am a happy customer of AT&T U-Verse.  And I will not be switching over.

What to look for?  Royce White won’t be making the trip, so that’s a bummer as I’ve decided he’s the most intriguing player on this team.

I don’t expect the OKC regulars to get much burn outside of the first quarter.  As for the Rockets?  Seeing as they don’t have regulars, we don’t really know what to expect.

I think I’m most curious to see Terrence Jones and Marcus Morris.  I think I kind of know what to expect from Jeremy Lamb.  And I won’t get curious about Jeremy Lin until the games actually count.

The Patrick Patterson watch is also officially underway.  This is it for Pat.  He’s the unquestioned starter at the power forward.  But if he’s as bad as last year, and Motiejunas even shows a pulse, Pat could be out by December.

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