Parting ways with Adelman was the right call

This isn’t exactly a profound statement.  Others before me have said it, and far earlier than this.  But for the record, after my initial bewilderment, after some of the tidbits that have come out in the media, I want to state that I’m on board with management’s decision to part ways with Rick Adelman.

On the surface, it was confusing.  Why let go a man who made the most–year in and year out–with the hand he was dealt?  Were the Rockets hoping for better results?  That seemed delusional.  But reports over the past few weeks have hinted at some greater philosophical discord.  Apparently Morey and the team wanted an eye to the future while Adelman wanted to win.  It could not have sat well with the general manager when youngsters were benched in lieu of more productive veterans for the playoff push.

One cannot blame Adelman.  His professional responsibility is to winning and the present.  It was not the 60-something’s concern what stood in the franchise’s future – that was not in line with his interests.  But for Daryl, the big picture reigns supreme.  The goal is to win a title and this group is nowhere close to it.  If steps are not in advancement of that goal, they are essentially a waste of everyone’s time.  Trophies are not awarded for 45-win seasons.

Now Morey will have his pick.  He’ll get his man and will decree implementation of whatever he values.  The roster is purged of the chaff he inherited.  These are Morey’s players and this is Morey’s team.  The clock is ticking and public patience is wearing thin.  Time will tell if Daryl can deliver but right now, he is the man fully in control.

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