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A rough week for the good guys, as they went 1-2, finally salvaging things last night with the win over the Bulls.  While they shot their worst mark of the week last night against Chicago, 42%, they jacked up eight more 3’s than they did in any other game in the week, hitting 15 total.  They also had 54 total rebounds.

On the year, Houston is sitting at second still in offensive rating (112.1), fourteenth in defense (105.6), and third in net rating (+6.4).  They are playing at the fourth fastest pace (101.93).  These are still the same rankings as last week.

I should add, the Rockets were robbed of one against San Antonio, but I’ve let that go.

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While possibly colored by recency bias, a majority of respondents replied to my very-scientific Twitter poll last night that from among the candidates, they least hoped to see the Utah Jazz as the Houston Rockets’ first round opponent come April.  Last night, with starters George Hill and Derrick Favors both sidelined, Utah disposed of the Rockets–themselves without Ryan Anderson–yet again, racing out to an early first quarter lead which proved to be the difference.  Houston battled back in the second half, outscoring the Jazz in the third quarter, and matching them in the fourth, but it was not enough.

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Defending the Houston Rockets – Part 1

I grabbed the above clip from the as for some reason, did not have this play in its game archive last night.  While the block by Kawhi Leonard at the end drew all the headlines, I thought this  possession was just as important primarily due to its long-term consequences.  The Rockets and Spurs are currently on a collision course to meet in the second round of the postseason where both coaches will have important decisions to make.  (As I tried to tweet this morning–impeded by the 140 character limit–games like that one are where you wake up the morning after feeling the most consolation that your coach is a legendary genius capable of recognizing adjustments.  It’s a new feeling in the Harden era).

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