Who needs power forwards?

All summer, we asked one question above all others. Who would be the Houston Rockets’ power forward? Ömer Aşık may have been displaced from his starting center position, but he hasn’t moved to the power forward slot. Not really. The two candidates everyone expected, Terrence Jones and Donatas Motiejunas, have subsequently been dropped out of the normal rotation. Houston has a lot of point guards and a lot of centers, but is lacking some depth at the four. The bigger question is: should they care?

The Rockets have been cited as trendsetters and as a team that gets ahead of the curve. They did, after all, embrace a form of moneyball when they gave the Daryl Morey the keys to the kingdom. Under his watch, the Rockets have pushed for and adopted a tendency for only the most efficient shots in the game. It’s a new game, and the Rockets seem to be on the cutting edge of it. [read more…]

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The Red94 Podcast: Episode 28

In this week’s episode, MK Bower and I discuss the Twin Towers lineup, James Harden’s defense, and Kevin McHale.

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The Rockets Daily – November 11, 2013

Lessons – In this extensive list at Hardwood Paroxysm of lessons learned from the last week of basketball, just one of those lessons involved the Houston Rockets.

Jared: The Rockets somehow still don’t have a better end-of-game play than “James Harden dribbles a lot and then takes a jumper.”

True. Excuse me while I go relieve some stress.

StatCheck – Through the first seven games, Jeremy Lin is Houston’s best three-point shooter at 43.8 percent. Chandler Parsons is the worst at 23.1 percent. It seems like the whole idea of Lin penetrating and kicking out to shooters like Parsons has been turned on its head. Since Lin only attempts 2.3 threes per game and Parsons is attempting 3.7, it would be nice if The Hair would start connecting.

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