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The gist: The Wizards stepped up on Randy Wittman’s debut with a 92-75 home win behind Nick Young’s 20 points. Of course, this victory was at the expense of the Bobcats, owners of the league-worst record at 3-16, so don’t forget to pick up the grains of salt that spilled.

Key matchup: Kyle Lowry vs John Wall

After a sluggish start to the season, Wall has found his groove, posting numbers that resemble his stellar rookie season rather than a baller trying to hurdle the sophomore slump. Like Lowry, Wall is also capable of posting a triple-double. The catch? The third category would most likely be from turnovers, where he averages a staggering 4.2/game.

X-factor: Chandler Parsons

Parsons was everywhere and made his presence felt in their most recent game, punctuated by an and-one dunk on a fastbreak play. If Chandler Bang places his fingerprints all over tonight, this game is the Rockets’ to lose.

Code Red: The Wizards are the lone squad without a road win. Just saying.

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Feedback request

It’s pretty obvious to anyone reading that commenting on Red94 has gone down drastically since years 1 and 2.  We’d regularly get engagement on longer posts in those early years.  Now, there’s barely nothing.

As an editor, it’s concerning.  We’ve been putting out more content than ever (adding game previews and recaps as opposed to just the daily essays).  Most strange is that traffic has been about the same; you all are still reading, but you’re just not talking.

So in that spirit, I seek your advice.  Is there something we could be doing differently?  Some different form of content you’d like to see?

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Would You Like Kyle Lowry or Pau Gasol?

Pau Gasol and Kyle Lowry

A little over one month ago, the city of Houston sat wide-eyed and speechless beside the rest of the world’s basketball watching community as David Stern overruled a league-altering trade that the Rockets were heavy participants in. You know the details, and so do I. Revisiting what might have been and tinkering the pieces has been beaten to death more times than Steven Spielberg’s beloved War Horse, but what I’m about to touch on is different in that it is as much theoretical as it is literal. I find this deal interesting due to the polarity it’s sure to arouse, and the ideological foxholes those on each side of the argument will find themselves digging into. [read more…]

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My grades from tonight’s backbreaking loss against the Bucks.

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The gist: The Bucks are currently sitting at ninth in the East and badly need to bolster their 2-8 road record. Prior to this game, they failed to register a win despite the bench producing 44 points in a 97-92 loss to the Hawks.

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