Being a Rockets fan is (finally) fun

Two weeks ago I started writing a column that would attempt to answer how Rockets fans should feel watching their team this season. Was it okay to root for development among the rookies but overall failure for the roster?

Should tempered expectations be acceptable on the tried and true philosophies that preach patience and eventual lottery picks? Would Jeremy Lin be enjoyable, or would the half-court offense look like molasses dripping off a table? What style of offense would they deploy with so few certified play makers?

Should everyone strap blinders on, trudge through the regular season, then sit back, crack a beer, and attend a viewing party for the NBA Lottery? After all, why should fans invest any emotions in a roster full of pieces that in all likelihood wouldn’t be in town next year?

Now, after watching Opening Night of both the 2012-13 season and James Harden era go down with a relevant bang, that article doesn’t need to be written. The Rockets aren’t the best team in basketball, and they aren’t the worst team in basketball. What they are, however, is a ridiculous good time. [read more…]

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I imagine that Carlos Delfino has not often had nights in the NBA go as well as Wednesday night did for him, ribbons of three-pointers falling through the net at the most opportune moments for a fanbase with which he was getting a completely blank slate. And for all of his showmanship in this short period of tabula rasa, the Rockets’ following will likely embrace this new Argentinian, hoping for more of the same in terms of shooting and poise, traits likely at a premium on this young team. This very young, inexperienced team that sports Delfino, at 30, as its elder statesman, and which desperately needs to get those other kids, the ones the Rockets’ future is predicated on, some run.

Last year, Kevin McHale buried Marcus Morris. The reasons given for such were endless and common among rookies (lack of conditioning, inexperience, attitude reasons), especially those starting their first season in the midst of a shortened season, but the complete blackballing of the team’s most recent lottery pick seemed strange, making the most incredulous onlookers wonder about McHale’s willingness to develop young talent. If Morris’ rookie “campaign” laid the seeds for such thoughts, Wednesday’s glaring absence of rookies certainly shed some light on them again.

Why, on a team so organizationally committed to its youth, one whose three contract committals worthy of any note are to players ages 23, 24 and 26, would said team’s head coach find himself forcing minutes on guys like Toney Douglas and Delfino? Guaranteed contracts? A lousy win in October in some effort to gin up morale among the haphazardly-if-brilliantly set of kids on the roster? [read more…]

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For the first time in years, the Houston Rockets have a foundational player and some league-wide buzz to boot. That’s the good news. The bad news is that Al Horford and Josh Smith are next on the docket. The Rockets head to Philips Arena to kick off the Hawks’ season and try to keep 82-0 on the table. The Hawks are not going to make that easy.

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The “New Age” Rockets made their debut at the Palace tonight to a wide array of questions after a season of complete roster shakeup. Can the rookies play? Will some break out? How will Asik work full time? Can Lin go Linsane once again?

And the biggest question of all got the biggest answer of all: How will Harden work as the franchise player?

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Game chat – 6:30PM CST

Join us in the chatroom tonight at 6:30PM CST for the start of the James Harden era.  Just because most of us won’t be able to watch the game doesn’t mean we can’t join in the fun.

We’ll be using the new forum software this year to power the chats so that should sidestep many of the limitations from years past.

To participate, go to the forums and click on the chat tab below the banner.  To enter, you’ll need a forum account.  If you haven’t yet created a forum account, you can do that here.  (You can also register via Twitter.)

Thanks.  I’m looking forward to a fun year.  Hopefully this Comcast issue will be resolved soon.

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