Huq’s Pen: On the curious Adelman situation

So Yahoo! Sports confirmed the worst kept secret in Rockets basketball: the reality that Rick Adelman most probably will not be asked to return.  They cite the HOFer’s unwillingness to “play their young players and embrace their creativity in the free-agent market,” (quotations emphasized for my personal befuddlement) as reason for the inevitable fall-out.

This is curious though I am torn overall with my feelings.  First, I’m not even sure what ‘creativity in the free-agent market’ is supposed to mean.  My only guess would be, and come to think of it, this would make sense, that Rick grew wary of the club’s policy of not extending players and allowing the market to dictate price.  You can see how this might frustrate a coach; the Aaron Brooks situation certainly would not have turned so ugly had the point guard been extended.  Having said that, were this truly a cause, I side with Morey: flexibility in the market should be top consideration for a non-contender hoping to rebuild its ways. The last thing this organization needs is to tie itself down with bad contracts (see: the Dawson era) in some hope for ‘stability.’

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Posted Up: Playoff-Predicting Podcast Edition(s)

Jacob Mustafa and Eric Todd discuss the NBA Playoff picture and other things.


Boston-New York Orlando-Atlanta

MVP Lakers-New Orleans

Oklahoma City-Denver San Antonio-Memphis


Finals Prediction?

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Huq’s Pen: Random Thoughts

  • Disqus is back and we’re taking down the forum.  We’ll be installing one of the standard forum plugins to use over the offseason (while keeping Disqus for the blog) while we rehaul our custom-forum.  The goal is to have it ready for next season.
  • Adelman: really, it’s looking like he’s gone.  That sounds like a terrible decision on the face of things.  And it probably is.  But I think you can at least understand the rationale.  If you’re not planning to win big, why pay big?  We also know Les likes to look smart and go for the hidden gem.  The last time he tried it, he struck gold [finding Daryl Morey.]  If the team uncovers some young analytics-inclined assistant, and can pay him $600,000 a year, is that necessarily a bad thing?  It might serve to make management more efficient with a coach actually willing to look over the data the geeks print out.

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Talk of the Moment: Houston Rockets vs. Minnesota Timberwolves

Houston Rockets vs. Minnesota Timberwolves

Wednesday, 7:00pm CST @ Target Center

All in-game & post-game discussion goes in here.


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On the NBA: Seen and Not Seen

As much as I used to abuse the word, I have to admit that “soft”, a word that is common parlance among the NBA-initiated, exists in a peculiarly basketball-related stratosphere of sports. In the world of a more violent, well defined sport such as football, the word would simply never be uttered by the sport’s fans, as inherent toughness is as accepted of a standard as any, slightly behind steroid usage and general hugeness. Still, the word has earned such power in the context of today’s NBA; any player above the height of 6’7″ must immediately be measured by its twofold rubric, and those who fail find themselves on an endless path back toward respectability, generally only concluded with rings (and even Pau Gasol still hears that noise). The emasculation apparent in the designation does not go by idly, as Chris Bosh likely nightly attempts to wash away the stink of being the NBA’s “RuPaul” with wads of money and Cuban girls. For the others not so fortunate to be as, well, good as Bosh, “softness” just festers, leading to gross overreactions to prove the possession of male genitalia or post-retirement flurries about the softness of some team that actually still plays basketball. In sports, machismo rules all, and in a sport where most of that magical trait has to be displayed through hand gestures after made shots and chest-puffery, it has led to a mostly useless term intended to mock those without the requisite amount of said machismo, even the best of players. And Dirk Nowitzki is most certainly among the best of players. Read More »

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