Daryl Morey writes a post for the Harvard Business Review

A very interesting look into how Morey hopes to stay competitive as basketball analytics becomes more commonplace.  Apparently, Daryl Morey is as bored with the lockout as the rest of us.

(If you get a chance, I’d also suggest reading the comments.)

One of the maxims of being a leader is to make yourself replaceable. I can’t remember what business guru said it, likely because they lost their job before becoming famous.

Full Story from the Harvard Business Review

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ESPN: Rockets at a Crossroads

Click the video on ESPN.com/NBA or this direct link for my thoughts on the Houston Rockets.

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What to expect from the Rockets’ upcoming season (if there is one): A breakdown of the point guard position

This NBA off-season is the first in recent memory in which Rockets’ fans aren’t gnawing their collective fingernails to the quick in nervous anticipation. This year, for once, we won’t be mining quotes from team doctors, picking them apart like historians attacking hieroglyphs, digging for subtle clues as to when or how our hopes might return. There can no longer be any hope that a superstar savior (7’6” or otherwise) will return from injury and lead the team into contention. The roster is what it is. There can no longer be any doubt that the process of rebuilding has begun.

Of the 17 men currently listed as Houston Rockets (counting Marcus Cousin and Marqus Blakely), only three are older than 25, and only one, Scola, is older than 28. The roster is nearly three deep at every position, teeming with young players with something to prove and a limited number of available minutes in which to prove it. With the coaching staff overhauled to a presumably more Morey-ball friendly bunch, we’ll most likely see long, shifting rotations that will look to experiment with player combinations rather than cleanly divide the starters from the bench.

If this holds true, most everyone on the roster will more than likely at some point have a shot to make his mark. But who will distinguish himself and who will get lost in the fray?

Over the next few weeks, I’ll attempt to make sense of this madness, one position at a time.

First up: Point Guard

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Contributor wanted

I’m looking for a new contributor to the blog, no specialization required; I just want general-Rockets writing to pass the dog days of the lockout.  If you’d like to apply, please send your resume and a short writing sample to rahathuq@red94.net.


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Explanation of my Marcus Morris pick on THTV


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