Posted Up: Chilling in the Fallout Shelter

Jacob Mustafa: Holy Christums, Eric, this is why these guys waited so long to start the season: the NBA has no clue what the hell is going on (and nor do I). Tyson Chandler, David West and Lamar Odom, a guy who wasn’t even a free agent going into this three-week orgy of knee-jerk reactions we’re calling an offseason, have all essentially switched teams more than once in the past three days. Anyone over the height of 6’9″ has been signed to an offer sheet worth more than $10 million; Olden Polynice just bought a new Hummer, and they don’t even make those anymore. And Chris Paul hates David Stern almost as much as Dell Demps and Daryl Morey do. Speaking of our fair leader, I’ve appreciated his Frank White-esque mentality with regard to making trades, splashing the Rockets’ name on basically anything resembling a big deal. Can’t knock a man for trying to save his job, if not quite a team. [read more…]

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Houston Rockets pursuing Marc Gasol

@WojYahooNBA: Houston’s close to signing Marc Gasol to max-contract offer sheet, working a sign-and-trade with Memphis to secure him, league sources say.

Wow.  Talk about a contingency plan!


@WojYahooNBA: Memphis is probably inclined to match the sheet, but if not, they can work a sign-and-trade with Rockets to get something for Gasol.

UPDATE: I’d be shocked if Memphis doesn’t match this offer.

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Again, tanking revisited

So many thoughts right now.  So many thoughts.  I don’t even know where to begin, from losing Chuck Hayes, to New Orleans actually wanting this deal, to Rockets fans actually thinking we were giving up too much.  So many thoughts, and this comes at the most inopportune of times as I actually have another final exam in less than 24 hours.  But I promise you, at the drop of a bell at noon this Wednesday, I will type like no man has ever typed before, recounting the strange, curious events of last week.  If anyone still cares at this point.

Where do the Houston Rockets even go from here?  Their free agency blueprints are destroyed and they’re stuck with an unhappy Kevin Martin.  (I think Luis Scola will be fine.)  Like that, they went from mere moments away from the league’s best frontcourt to hoping Hasheem Thabeet has a pulse.

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Gasol/CP3 trade off; Lakers pull out

In a shocking development, the 3-team trade has fallen apart with the Lakers pulling out, turning their attention towards Dwight Howard.

This is an absolute disaster for the Rockets who now, after having gone all in, are left with some pissed off players.  The dream of a Gasol/Nene frontcourt is now gone and we’re back to the drawing board.

Worst of all is that Les won’t let this team tank.

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Rank these frontcourt duos:




*Dirk/whoever they end up getting


Rank these combos!  Go!

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