Let me take a trip down Memory Lane.

We’ve all likely been inured to the postseason phantom limb that seems to take over just as even the corniest of Finals-related pregame montages precedes a late playoff game, that familiar yearning for that one (or two) times that one’s chosen team reached the apex (or the back-to-back times). Reliving glory days and living vicariously through those of the guys still playing can be dangerous, heavy stuff for fans feeling the hunger pangs of a drought. But alas, screw it.

For all of you (and me), the cats over at Oakley & Allen put together a nice reminder of the feelings that go along with seeing a dream narrative realized with this 1995 NBA Finals flashback to Game 2 between the Houston Rockets and the Orlando Magic, a time when Sam Cassell did not know how to talk to national reporters, Penny Hardaway still flew and Typical Cats and Don Cannon scored it all.


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Ninetyfourums v3.0

I know, I know.  This is annoying, especially in a world where post counts reign supreme.  But I promise, this is the last switch.  I just decided it was time to stop screwing around with these free options and go with the full power; way too many headaches up to this point.  This should be much more stable and intuitive.  I hope you enjoy.

The Ninetyfourums

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On the NBA: Miami Heat 92, Dallas Mavericks 84

  • During the build-up to the game this afternoon, I couldn’t help but keep thinking ‘The Finals are back!’  I’ve said this a lot but I really can’t get over it.  It’s amazing how the NBA Finals are actually an event again and have been for the past few years starting with LA/Boston Part 1.  This is how it should be.  The death match.  The grand finale.  The east’s beast vs. the west’s best.  The two best teams in the league pitting it out for the crown.  Remember the Nets vs. Spurs dark ages?  That seems like ages ago and I really can’t believe we sat through it.
  • With that said, that was probably the most boring entertaining game I’ve ever seen.  Except for that unfair explosion (more on this in the next bullet) at the end, I’m pretty sure I dozed off at certain points.  I think I figured out what it is.  The Heat are only entertaining when Wade is dressed as Flash and not Crash and the Mavs are only entertaining when…well, when they’re scoring.

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Houston Rockets to interview Dave Joerger

via Memphis Grizzlies may lose second assistant » The Commercial Appeal:

Grizzlies assistant coach Dave Joerger will meet with the Houston Rockets next week about joining their revamped coaching staff.

Memphis granted Houston permission Friday to talk to Joerger about being a top assistant in charge of defense under Kevin McHale. According to press reports, the Rockets have reached an agreement with McHale to replace Rick Adelman as head coach.

In light of what we already knew about Chris Finch, this puts the McHale hiring into greater perspective.  The model is apparently to surround a charismatic, respected figure with proven strategists receptive to analytics.  I don’t think you can complain about that.

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The Best of Red94

These were some of my favorite moments from this season, my first with lockerroom access.

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