Can Chandler Parsons be an All-Star?

Is Chandler Parsons the product of Daryl Morey’s utopian—pace, spacing, efficiency—paradigm or is he a legitimate, albeit unforeseeable, All-Star candidate on his own merit? Like most things, the answer lies somewhere in-between.

Parsons has been a miraculous offensive basketball player this season. He’s efficient, smart, and athletic. He can shoot, dribble, pass, and rebound. He can run an effective pick-and-roll, pump fake a defender out of his socks, and finish the fast break with a finger-breaking dunk. The Houston Rockets average 1.03 points per possession when he sits and 1.11 when he plays, a seismic gap that separates a slightly above average offense from an unstoppable one; no other Rocket has a wider plus/minus differential. [read more…]

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The Rockets Daily – December 5, 2013

About Last Night – The Houston Rockets laid a steaming turd against the Phoenix Suns. Due to the relative drought of other Rockets news on the web, let’s talk about that some more.

The Rockets played without Chandler Parsons, Jeremy Lin, Omer Asik or Greg Smith. As much deserved guff as James Harden will get for his defense, defense in general isn’t what lost Houston the game. Houston still held them to 45 percent shooting, and below 100 points despite a pretty fast pace. Offense was the problem, and it has a lot to do with who wasn’t on the court. [read more…]

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PJ Tucker flat outplayed James Harden on both ends of the court tonight. Tucker played defense on Harden for 40 minutes, held James without a three pointer for the first time in a year and scored 18 points.  Harden shot 3 for 17 on the game (17%) and missed all 10 of his three point shots.  He looked absent and out of it the whole game and it was difficult to watch.  His defense was super lackadaisical, presence was completely minimized, and was a plus minus of -20 this game!

The worst play of the game was by Harden.  The Rockets had cut the lead to two, 73 to 71 with 7 minutes left in the game and Harden was inbounding the ball.  He looked so lazy as he threw a terrible pass that was stolen and the Suns scored on a fast break (watch the ESPN highlights to see it for yourself). That killed the run. Again, turnovers killed the Rockets as they gave up 22 of them.  Harden, Casspi and Howard had five turnovers each.

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