Past, Present And Future

I discussed the upcoming season with’s Jason Friedman.  Check out the piece in its entirety by following the link. Here’s a snippet:

In succeeding a future Hall-of-famer, Kevin McHale has big shoes to fill. Expectations will be high — Rick Adelman got the most out of his teams. But I’m confident about the staff. All indications are that McHale will be flanked by specialized strategists, allowing for a divvying up of the load. (With the glut of data available in today’s NBA, this ‘round-table’ approach is not only practical but perhaps even necessary if desiring to process information at optimal levels.)

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More on McHale


When he walked in, immediately apparent it was what in him management saw.  Broad-shouldered, towering above the press and his bosses, Kevin McHale immediately made his presence felt.  When he spoke, it was with a charisma and confidence that charmed the room.

The more that is revealed, the more it becomes clear that this was the right move.  Kevin McHale may not be on par with Rick Adelman as a tactician.  He may not even be on par as a coach.  But he’s, moreso than Rick Adelman, what the Houston Rockets need at this moment in time.

It was further revealed in the presser that a coaching committee would be the route.  It’s a fresh start; a chance to implement new ideas; develop youth.  As owner Les Alexander said, it’s a necessity in this day and age with the planning required in the NBA day-to-day.  For this, the Rockets needed a leader — someone other men would respect. McHale fits that bill.

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Daryl Morey on Kevin McHale (a few questions after the press conference)


I’ll have some more thoughts later on in the day.

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On the NBA: Game 2 Notes

Why must they be from Dallas?  I want to like this Mavs team so badly but my local pride keeps standing in the way.  That pick and roll they run might be the most beautiful thing in basketball with the expanse of real estate it without fail creates.

I’m happy.  We seemed to be on our way to a sweep and that’s never a good thing.  I’m following my rule of rooting for the outcome which extends the series.

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Let me take a trip down Memory Lane.

We’ve all likely been inured to the postseason phantom limb that seems to take over just as even the corniest of Finals-related pregame montages precedes a late playoff game, that familiar yearning for that one (or two) times that one’s chosen team reached the apex (or the back-to-back times). Reliving glory days and living vicariously through those of the guys still playing can be dangerous, heavy stuff for fans feeling the hunger pangs of a drought. But alas, screw it.

For all of you (and me), the cats over at Oakley & Allen put together a nice reminder of the feelings that go along with seeing a dream narrative realized with this 1995 NBA Finals flashback to Game 2 between the Houston Rockets and the Orlando Magic, a time when Sam Cassell did not know how to talk to national reporters, Penny Hardaway still flew and Typical Cats and Don Cannon scored it all.


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