The Red94 Podcast: The healing process begins

In today’s episode, Forrest Walker and I begin the healing process after Chris Bosh leaves the Rockets at the altar.

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Chris Bosh leaves Houston Rockets at the altar, 3AM “last call” mode for Morey

I don’t have the energy to write about any of this.  No podcast tonight either.  I had a meltdown earlier, so you can just read my thoughts from my timeline.  That’s literally all I have right now.  Maybe tomorrow, if I wake up from this.  Peace.

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LeBron’s heading to Cleveland, is a Bosh move next?

The big news has finally hit, and the adage was right: where there’s smoke, there’s fire, and LeBron is back in Cleveland. A mere week ago this seemed like idle speculation and whimsy. Today, however, the news broke via an article by Sports Illustrated’s Lee Jenkins.

Not only is this huge news for the league at large, but huge news for the Rockets, who have been waiting to strike at Chris Bosh. Bosh has reportedly expressed a preference to stay in Miami with James, but has also reportedly preferred Houston as a landing spot should that fall through.

It’a fallen through, now, and the first domino has fallen. Morey and the Rockets front office now have approximately two days to attempt to negotiate not only a potential Bosh signing, but also the requisite cap-clearing moves already lined up. This is only step one, but what a step one.

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Houston Rockets wait for Lebron James’ decision

First, as, at the time of writing, it still shockingly hasn’t become outdated, check out our podcast from last night discussing the Chandler Parsons situation.  I thought for sure news would break last night, rendering much of that conversation obsolete.

For now, we sit and wait.  Would Lebron really leave for the World Cup without announcing his decision?  I can see it.  Why does he absolutely need to announce within the week?  I get that he’s holding up the rest of the league, but should that really matter?  He shouldn’t rush his own timeline just to convenience others who have hinged their decisionmaking processes upon him.  And he hasn’t even made a spectacle of this.  It’s our own fault for staking out at his house, interpreting the coding on his web site, and speculating upon his every move.  This has only seemed to drag out because we’ve created that situation by holding our breaths.  In reality, it’s been just a few days.

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The Red94 Podcast: On the Parsons offer sheet

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