I’ve seen a lot of bad basketball players during my time watching the Houston Rockets.  They’re usually raw big men forced into playing the game due to their innate gifts.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen a point guard quite as bad as Jonny Flynn.  When watching him play, I almost have to wonder if he’s ever even seen the team’s playbook.

For those of you who have not yet suffered the misfortune of watching Jonny Flynn attempt to run the Houston Rockets’ offense, I’ve broken down his play with a handy diagram:

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Chase Budinger’s Unseen Contributions


Gazing at Chase Budinger the other night, and two questions popped into my head: 1) Why is he so much fun to watch? 2) How does he stay on the court long enough for me to enjoy it? Neither sounds complimentary, but both questions are meant in the most positive possible way.

Budinger is a joy to watch because of his puzzling ability to be productive in the never ending days and nights of NBA action. He has the look, skill, and demeanor of an All-Universe volleyball player, yet something about him belongs in the most competitive basketball league known to man. (Two nights ago he wasn’t shy in letting Metta World Peace know where he might find L.A.’s tastiest cheeseburger). [read more…]

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Houston Rockets 99 Final

Recap | Box Score

108 Los Angeles Lakers
Luis Scola, PF 10-18 FG | 0-0 FT | 5 REB | 2 AST | 20 PTS | -3Luis Scola is beginning to find out what life in the NBA is like with no Chuck Hayes by his side. On offense he remains crafty, but at times he’s stepping out for reluctant jumpers due to what appears to be natural wear and tear.
Jordan Hill, C 1-4 FG | 0-0 FT | 4 REB | 2 AST | 2 PTS | 0The smallest 6’10” player in NBA history.
Kyle Lowry, PG 8-19 FG | 2-2 FT | 10 REB | 9 AST | 22 PTS | -7Solid performance from Lowry, who had an extremely difficult matchup against a well rested Chris Paul. Would’ve liked to see him attack the basket a bit more, though.
Terrence Williams, SF 1-2 FG | 0-1 FT | 1 REB | 0 AST | 2 PTS | +2The season is starting very slow for Terrence Williams, and I almost miss his reckless play. The tentativeness he showed tonight helped nobody. Hopefully we never see it again.
Chandler Parsons, F 0-2 FG | 0-0 FT | 1 REB | 0 AST | 0 PTS | -2The closest to an A the Rockets had tonight, Parsons didn’t look intimidated in this contest at all. He had two very pretty put back dunks, jawed a little at Blake Griffin, and hit the glass with no fear.

Five Things We Saw

  1. Defense was the story tonight, and a terrible tale of horror it was. Heading into tonight the Rockets were the worst defense in the entire league based on opposing FG%, and against the Clippers they did not disappoint. With just under six minutes left in the third quarter—after Chris Paul gift wrapped a couple aerial bones for his two St. Bernards—the score sat at 85-62. The Clippers shooting 68.6% from the floor. This was rock bottom.
  2. The Rockets were overmatched against what may end up being an elite Western Conference team. Granted it came on the second night of a back to back against a rested band of skywalkers, but Houston just didn’t appear in the same class both athletically and in the front court—that could be a running theme for the season.
  3. With no hope late in this one, McHale was forced to empty the bench. We got to see a little Thabeet (who did virtually nothing), some Jonny Flynn (looking a little nervous), and Jeff Adrien (a sad representative of this team’s “height”).
  4. Goran Dragic looks like a mini-Chandler Parsons. Someday, their pick and roll could end up being as deceitful as it is effective.
  5. Kyle Lowry’s range is just unexplainable. In my 24 years on Earth, I’ve never had more confidence in someone shooting a ball from so far as I do with Lowry. He’s fearless in all the good ways.

We ran into a glitch with the generator last night, hence the stats/box on this was pulled from the Lakers game.  Michael’s analysis still pertains to the Clippers games.  Sorry for the confusion. – Ed.

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Our grades from tonight’s game:

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A friendly fantasy update

Guys, if you’ve been emailed an invite by one of the managers, please accept it so that we can get underway.

We now have 16 in each league. We’ve scheduled both drafts for Saturday morning at 11AM CST. If you can’t make it, we will have to use auto-draft as we simply have no other choice at this point.

I realize how late in the game this is right now to be starting this thing up and I sincerely apologize. I should have done a better job organizing this from the start. Thanks to our managers, Keith, Craig, and Adam, we’ve managed to recover and look ready to get underway. Despite the inconvenience of the late start, I hope all of you who have claimed a bit will stick around and participate this year. I’m excited to see how this goes and whether it can be a regular part of Red94.

Again, please claim your invites if you have not yet done so and check the forums for all updates.  We hope to finally get rolling this Saturday morning.

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