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  • First, here’s a link my interview from yesterday on WGSO 990AM.  We talked Hornets and Rockets and Eric Gordon.  It was a fun time so give it a listen.
  • I’m about to head to Toyota Center for the summer league presser.  Hoping to see Donatas Motiejunas and Marcus Morris.  I was about to write that I am going to take the flipcam today but I don’t even see it on my desk in its normal spot.  I need to figure out how to get the framing proper on my Iphone – embarrassing because I typically had prided myself as at least reasonably tech savvy.
  • As a follow-up to my last two posts, it’s come to light in the past few days from some national sources what the Rockets are doing and that is pursuing Dwight Howard, still.  This has been met sarcastically by some observers but I still applaud the efforts.  I don’t ascribe to the rationale that “if she doesn’t want you, give up” because, when you’re the ugliest guy in the room, well, she ain’t coming on her own…
  • Money talks and Chris Webber didn’t want to be in Sacramento either.  I think the human mind has a way of rationalizing situations and making the most of that which had been originally undesired.  I can think of a lot of situations in my life personally where I entered something that I didn’t want, but after some time, came to be ok with it and accept it.  And none of those situations involved an extra $30million payday.  So I do think this is worth it.  I’m not saying Howard would stay.  But the odds are high enough to risk doing this.
  • To follow up on that point, and to reiterate, even if they don’t get Howard, I’m fine with a youth movement.  The only fear really is the team trading everything for someone like Josh Smith or Pau Gasol.
  • Finally a shout-out to a tormented Mavs fan whom I met yesterday at a close friend’s wedding reception.  The Mavs offseason is not so unlike that of the Rockets’ in terms of disappointment to this point, except that the tragedy of circumstances is exponentially worse.  Recall that they opted to let Tyson Chandler walk the previous summer–essentially disassembling (and emasculating) a defending champion–to plan for a greener future in the hopes of wooing Dallas native Deron Williams.  As you know, Williams reupped with the Nets and that was all she wrote for Dallas.  This coupled with other examples of misfortune (read: so many teams tanking for Anthony Davis and not getting the #1 pick), begs a question  only important on the internet: perhaps the bird in hand is always the better course?
  • Videos from today’s presser will be up later today or maybe tomorrow.

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Since I last wrote, Goran Dragic has bolted to Phoenix, it’s come to light that he left over a 4th year player option, Kyle Lowry has been dealt to Toronto for a future draft pick, Jeremy Lin has signed the Rockets’ offer sheet, and the team is reportedly also interested in Aaron Brooks.  I hear Matt Maloney is available these days as well.

We have absolutely no idea what’s going on and to make matters worse, I just got out of a 3 hour professional responsibility exam and think I’m coming down with the flu.  Seriously, I have no idea what’s going on so I’m not going to be of any help with this.  When I think I have somewhat of an understanding, something else pops up that paves way to new questions.

When I made the Lowry vs. Dragic series, I didn’t consider the possibility of losing both, so I’m dumbfounded…but to lose Dragic over a player option?  I really hope this is the right call because part of me is saying, “don’t you have to give in a little bit sometimes to keep guys you like?”

I want to think that the Lowry trade signals a full-on rebuilding effort–the likes of which I’ve been begging for for the past two years–but the cynic in me must preach patience.  Why would they target veteran Aaron Brooks if they’re looking to completely blow it up?

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So, about the point guard position…

Update: According to Fox 26’s Mark Berman, the Rockets and Jeremy Lin have agreed on an offer sheet.

Once the 2011-12 season fell off a cliff, we knew Daryl Morey would do something to solve the Goran Dragic/Kyle Lowry point guard dilemma this offseason. Whether it be trading Lowry and re-signing Dragic, keeping Lowry and letting Dragic walk in free agency, or re-signing Dragic, retaining Lowry, then thriving off a small ball fueled attack, a fluctuating plan had to of been in place since April—one that would solidify Houston’s backcourt and answer the ever-important question that’s been lingering in the air since Lowry went down with a strange bacterial infection shortly after the All-Star break.

Getting rid of them both certainly didn’t rank high on the list of probable scenarios, but in the past 48 hours, that’s exactly what we saw happen. [read more…]

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First, please follow @rahathuq on Twitter.  As you know, my previous account (@redninetyfour) has been compromised, thus the lack of updates during this, the most important week of the NBA calendar.  I’ll roll with @rahathuq indefinitely unless something is resolved with the real account.  Please retweet to other Rockets fanatics.

Now, to the real topic: as I write this, the Rockets are awaiting word on whether the Chicago Bulls will match their offer for Omer Asik, a maneuver which, regardless of your opinion on Asik, has to at least be recognized as ingenius on the part of Daryl Morey.  By structuring the contract in what is essentially a 5-5-15 format, Morey has created a poison pill which will be tough to swallow in the face of the league’s new luxury tax regulations.  (The Rockets also hope to offer New York Knicks guard Jeremy Lin a similar contract.)  This is not the first time we’ve seen such “creative financing” from the Morey regime as the Samuel Dalembert contract which was just traded away (in addition to Kyle Lowry and Luis Scola’s deals) featured a partially guaranteed final year that provided immediate relief to an acquiring team.  Whatever you may think of the Rockets, you have to agree – they keep things interesting on the books.

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Analyzing the Omer Asik offer sheet

Right now, the tallest player on Houston’s roster is a 6’10”, 23-year-old jump shooter who, in 46 career games as a second round draft pick, has yet to grab more than nine rebounds in a single night’s work. His name is Jon Leuer and he came aboard as one of the three requisite “throw in” pieces the Rockets acquired when they ambitiously traded for the #12 pick in last Thursday night’s NBA draft.

With Daryl Morey far from finished in an offseason journey to treat his basketball team like a giant ball of clay, there’s a likely chance Leuer never wears a Rockets uniform in any meaningful way.

In order to heighten the significance of that last statement, let me repeat it: the tallest guy on the team is 6’10”. He was selected in the second round and is not very good. Also, there’s a good chance he may not even be on the team on opening night.

If you’ve been drooling over superstar acquisition rumors for the past few months, right now it’s time to focus on filling in a very real weakness this team has heading into next season: size. [read more…]

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