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Analyzing Trade Bait’s Psyche

“y do some players take it so personal when they get traded. SMDH.” 

This critical judgment originated in a mind, traveled through a pair of typing fingertips, and was released into the not-especially-exclusive world of Reggie Evans’ Twitter page roughly six hours after the offseason’s second Chris Paul to Los Angeles deal was shot dead by David Stern.

The rumors involving Paul’s possible movement began as positive rejuvenation for the league. For what felt like a quarter of all fanbases (sorry New Orleans) it was a fantastic distraction from the BRI/system issues nightmare. People began to focus on the game’s top point guard, where he’d be traded; which franchise would alter the fortune of its immediate future? It was the best of times…kinda. [read more...]

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Ok, we’re ready to get underway.  All fantasy discussion/coordination will take place in the forums, but I wanted to put this announcement on the front page to ensure it’s not missed; we’re getting pressed for time.

If you posted in the thread as wanting to participate, please be sure it regularly so we can have everyone on the same page before the draft.  Also, please go to your settings and make sure you have PM’s enabled so that you can be contacted by the managers.

We now need two managers.  We then need to decide on the rules.  Then we need to hold our draft before opening night.  If you had volunteered to manage, please step forward now and take control.

Red94 fantasy management takes place here.

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  • I can’t remember the last time I saw a man look as out of place as Luis Scola did tonight.  It felt like one of those games where an ace pitcher is coming back off the disabled list, is sent to the minor leagues for a game or two to get back his rhythm, and then proceeds to blow away the opposition effortlessly.  He could have gone for 40 tonight had he wanted.  As I’ve said for some time: the Rockets need to trade this man, especially while his value remains high.  Every performance he chips in like tonight’s works against the end-objective.  Scola’s contributions towards wins this season decrease our odds at a high draft slot, and thus, delay our return to contention.
  • I’m not sure Johnny Flynn will be on an NBA roster this time next year.
  • Terrence Williams is sick.  He had some bad turnovers, yes, but the man is oh-so-talented.  When he turned it on in the second half, T-Will had some beautiful floaters in the lane and drives to the basket, a relief as his first half was a complete dud.  He was operating from the key as the staff finally let him attack from a position of strength with the ball in his hands.  Like McGrady, he’s just not a motion-system guy so it”s not a surprise, in retrospect, that it didn’t work out under Adelman.  Here’s to hoping Kevin McHale keeps him unchained.
  • Thabeet looked gassed.  I have more extensive thoughts on him overall, but in the post-game presser, one of McHale’s comments stood out.  When asked about center Craig Smith, part of his response included a remark along the lines of, “I didn’t know how much time I had left with Thabeet until fatigue hit.”  Thank you – a Christmas gift.  This seems to imply that McHale hoped to give Hasheem all the minutes he could handle with no restraint.  Let’s hope this is not isolated to the preseason.
  • After talking to him for a bit in the lockerroom, [not included in the video], I really have no doubt that Marcus Morris will succeed.  He just has that attitude about him possessed by the greats.  Not saying he’ll be ‘great’, obviously, but I think he absolutely will become an impact player in this league.  Tonight he struggled, but that was to be expected.  The NBA is a different game from the college ranks.

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Post-game interviews: 12.17.11

Full write-up coming shortly.

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