The Los Angeles Clippers, hot off a big win over the Grizzlies, landed in Houston and showed why they’re a team predicted to go to the Western Conference Finals. Even without Chauncey Billups and star point guard Chris Paul, even on the second night of a back to back, even on the road, the Clippers and their brutal bench depth proved too much for the Rockets to overcome. The Clippers had a blazing hot 32-18 third quarter led by Jamal Crawford and his season-high 30 points and the Rockets just couldn’t catch up.

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Rockets talk on Yahoo Sports Radio 1560

I was a guest today on Yahoo Sports Radio 1560 with John Wessling and Adam Clanton.  We talked Harden, Lin, and Royce White.

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‘Trying hard,’ long celebrated, is an act so metaphysical that it eludes even those most comprehensive of contemporary NBA analytics. The oft-mysterious rise and/or fall in a plaeyer’s—or, more importantly, a team’s—actual exertion toward winning is also a maker or breaker of any prognostication, however Hollingerian it may be.

And trying, more than anything, is what pushes teams through the long, dog day months of the season, which we’re deep into from Christmas until the moment for final playoff pushes comes. While it may seem granted that millionaire professionals are giving it their all, all the time, a true NBA fan knows better; this is a taxing season played by relatively small rosters, and no amount of money or physical training can change that. And a true NBA fan knows, further, that there’s a wide range of effort throughout the league.

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The Daily Blast – January 15, 2013

For fans of symmetry – three losses in a row equals slipping three standings in ESPN’s power rankings. By Hollinger’s ranking, the good guys are still holding strong at 10th in the league.

Dunkface – The Houston Chronicle asked Chandler Parsons about the opportunity to guard Blake Griffin and vice versa.  Why is this important? Because it gives us an excuse to watch this again:

Also from the Chron, Jeremy Lin has shaky ankles.

Sabermeterriffic – it would behoove all disciples of Daryl to read this and then this from Hardwood Paroxysm on the subject of creating a stat for shot quality.

Speak of the devil – our fearless leader took to Twitter to answer fan questions yesterday. He lists his biggest regret as the Terrance Williams deal (surprise!), and downplays the likelihood of a lot of movement at the trade deadline.

Coach Mac – McHale thinks Chris Paul is really good at basketball and that it will be hard to beat the Clippers if they give up a lot of dunks. Well…he’s not wrong.

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