Can the Rockets afford to be picky?

As we climb in, I ask about the Rockets’ future. Harden is a piece of the puzzle, Morey says, but not the endgame. Even after signing Harden to a five-year, $80 million extension, Houston is in position to have ample cap room next summer, enough to sign another foundational player. Morey’s not picky about who it is. “We can’t afford to be,” he says.

I just read Chris Ballard’s phenomenal piece on Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey for the first time in its entirety today.  If you’re a diehard, it’s a must-read.

The highlighted above was a quote I found interesting, if not rather surprising.  Up to this point, I had assumed that given their current position, Rockets management felt that it could be picky.  The team, the youngest in the league, is within arm’s length of homecourt, has a solid core, and a clean financial slate.  Why wouldn’t they take their time and wait for the perfect guy?

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Contributor wanted: News editor

As my personal schedule gets more demanding, it’s become more and more difficult to provide the breadth of coverage a season as exhilarating as this one should demand.  To that end, another call for help.

I’m looking for someone to fill a ‘news editor’ role in line with my desire to bring back the Rockets Daily‘s.  The position would require coordinating the schedule for the current staff and compiling a daily gazette of Rockets related news for the readership.

Please send all applications to with writing sample attached.  Inquiries void of a sample will be taken out of consideration.

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The Rockets are super fast. Is that good?

The Houston Rockets play basketball like the Starship Enterprise flees danger. It’s beyond entertaining to watch—with a style that offers very few opportunities for blinking, let alone bathroom breaks—but looking at it from the big picture, is their blistering pace a good thing? [read more…]

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The Charlotte Bobcats, a team that lost 18 games in a row this season, currently possess a better record than the Cleveland Cavaliers.  Cleveland has a roster which outside of Kyrie Irving, appears embarrassingly bad as esteemed individuals such as Luke Walton (finally on the last year of that deal signed oh so long ago with the Lakers) and Shaun Livingston were out on the court for significant minutes tonight.  Combine that with the fact that Anderson Varejao, who has been putting up All-Star level numbers this season, sat out tonight with a right knee injury, and one should have expected an easy Houston victory.

Unfortunately, it was not the case.  For while the Cavaliers possess several major weaknesses, they do have energy and length, which for one night, combined with the heroics of Mr. Irving, threatened to upset the second game of the Rockets’ roadtrip before James Harden did James Harden things.

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in game coverage

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