The Houston Rockets have their future set at four positions. For all intents and purposes, Jeremy Lin (24 years old), James Harden (23), Chandler Parsons (24), and Omer Asik (26) are stable, improving building blocks/players/trade assets that one way or another are capable of evolving into a championship worthy foundation. [read more…]

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Huq’s Pen: On injuries

I’m sitting at home right now in basketball shorts, my right leg bandaged.  I usually go to work on Fridays (I’m a full-time law student but clerk at a firm at the end of the week) but today, I can’t walk.  I’d risk driving, but I don’t know how I’d make it to my car.

Last night, at around 11PM, I faked right and drove hard to my left, taking off to the basket.  I’m not quite sure what ensued, but in the end, I came crumbling down to the ground, hearing a boisterous pop from my right knee.  As I clutched the knee in pain, a multitude of thoughts fluttered through my mind.

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The Daily Blast – January 25, 2013

We Got One – As expected, James Harden is an All-Star. Harden is the first Rocket to be selected since Yao Ming in 2009. You can read reaction here, here, here and here. Then you can listen to that song and do a little dance for joy (it’s okay, no one’s looking).

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Debate topic: does thanking people while announcing your own All-Star selection count as a #humblebrag?

Stat Check – Yesterday I pointed out that Houston’s 3-point shooting has dropped significantly this month, which would probably contribute to all the losing. The team’s turnovers are also up to 17.3 per game in January from 16.7 for the season, and up from 16.1 in December. But consider this: the six teams with the fewest turnovers in the league are NY, TOR, PHI, MIA, PHX and CHA (Suns and Bobs are tied at 5th). That’s not a high correlation with winning. The top five teams for 3-point percentage are OKC, GSW, MIA, NY, and ATL (Spurs are 6th, if you’re curious). By the way, the next two most turnover-prone teams behind Houston are OKC and GSW.

Could turnovers be a red herring?

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The Houston Rockets and New Orleans hornets complete their season series on Friday, January 2013, both teams on very different trajectories. The Houston Rockets look to reassert their style and get back to their winning ways after a brutal January slump. The New Orleans have won 7 of their last 10, and are coming together now that Eric Gordon is healthy. In each of the previous three games, the Hornets have given the Rockets a real challenge to the team and to their system. The Rockets need this win to take the season series and avoid falling below .500 for the first time since December 16th.

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Huq’s Pen: What a difference a month makes

On December 28th, the Houston Rockets were 16-12, and sitting in the sixth seed.  They had won five in a row, seven of their last ten, and were knocking on the door just outside the elite 4 (Clippers, Grizzlies, Spurs, Thunder).  Today, they sit at .500, losers of eight of their last ten games, occupying their familiar ninth seed.

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