On NBA All-Star Weekend [updated Monday morning]

UPDATED at 10:37AM on Monday.  See below.
  • As most of you will read this Monday morning, it should be pointed out that it was written Sunday afternoon, prior to the main event.
  • J. Cole has handles.
  • For those too young to have seen or remember, Mitch Richmond was the league’s best, most complete shooting guard during those years of Jordan’s retirement.  Watching the former legend waddle around the court at well over 300 lbs. was just too painful, shattering all the pleasant memories I once had.
  • The NBA needs to just get rid of some of these filler events altogether, because it’s becoming a complete embarrassment.  Hey, we have, out of a trade union of the 300 best basketball players in the world, the single best point guards/ball handlers at our disposal.  Let’s have them dribble around cones at half speed and take layups and time it!  I wish I was making this up.  You can’t conjure up a greater waste of talent.  The Skills Challenge is akin to rounding up world famous economists and having them go head to head over addition/subtraction flash cards.

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[video] Chase Budinger in the Slam Dunk Contest

All of Chase’s dunks tonight.


From the Ninetyfourums: Schedule Analysis Update

Sir Thursday continues, with a few tweaks:

ALL STAR EDITION – I figure since we’re half way through I’ll do a little readjustment of the expected outcomes. After all, we’ve got a lot more information since the start of the season. I’ve made the following adjustments:

LA Lakers: No Chance -> Underdogs
Minnesota: Favourites -> Underdogs (not that it makes much difference now that we’ve played them 4 times)
Utah: Even -> Favourites
Denver: Underdogs -> Even
Portland: Underdogs -> Even

I’ve also added a last 5 games section so you can see how we were doing recently.

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Huq’s Weekend Pen: All-Star Edition, 2012

You heard it here first: Chase Budinger will win the Slam Dunk competition.  I have a very good feeling about this.

Many have written in to suggest that he incorporate some stunt from his volleyball background.  I personally don’t think that’s a good idea.  Volleyball just doesn’t have the ‘coolness’ factor needed to win over a predominantly male crowd.  Now I do like the direction they were going in the Rockets.com promo teaser, with Chase appearing to jump over a cutout of Yao Ming.

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Chandler Parsons’ shooting woes

Chandler Parsons–invitee to the Haier Shooting Stars challenge–is having a very good year.  He’s also shooting 42% from the floor overall and 29% on 3’s.

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