After subsequent developments/ample time to reflect…man, I hope this trade goes through in the morning

UPDATE AT 9:23 AM ON 12/09/12 below.

You can read my stream of consciousness from the front page: I didn’t like the deal from the start.  Not because we’d lose Scola/Martin but because I thought it ensured mediocrity.  I didn’t understand why we weren’t getting Chris Paul if we were giving up all the assets to get him.

Then Dwight Howard’s intentions were revealed which Morey probably knew all along.

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Who is Pau Gasol?

This trade has since been killed by the NBA. – Ed.

As I write this, a three-team deal that would make Chris Paul a Laker, Pau Gasol a Rocket, and Kevin Martin, Lamar Odom, and Luis Scola all Hornets is reportedly being finalized. More details are available to publish, but right now they aren’t important. What is, from the perspective of basketball fans in Houston, is this: Can Pau Gasol be a franchise player? The question is convoluted in that both pro and non believers have firm arguments, yet each must accept truths on opposing sides of the fence. Gasol wasn’t polarizing before the lopsided trade that sent him to Los Angeles. He was appropriately analyzed as being a very good big man, yet one destined to play second fiddle. Evidence of this is one organization suddenly halting its construction of a castle at Gasol’s feet, and instead thinking they’d be better with Kwame Brown, Javaris Crittenton (…) and some draft picks.

He was a multi-skilled, multi-lingual gentle giant with soft touch and inner warmth for opera; a spare part making over $12 million, not someone who could lead you to a championship. (Gasol was 0-12 in playoff games before being traded to the Lakers.) Read More »

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The NBA has killed the Gasol/Paul trade

via Woj.

I have no idea what just happened.  This has been the most bizarre six hours of my life.  That’s all from me today – I’m going to go do something productive.

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Houston Rockets acquire Pau Gasol, facilitate next Lakers dynasty

The Houston Rockets have acquired Pau Gasol in a three-team trade, sending forward Luis Scola, guards Kevin Martin and Goran Dragic, and a draft pick to the New Orleans Hornets.  Forward Lamar Kardashian will also be sent to the Hornets.  Chris Paul will be headed to LA.

It is believed that the team will now pursue center Nene Hilario with added savings under the cap.

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Initial thoughts: Rockets in 3-team talks; Martin/Scola out, Gasol to Houston

UPDATE AT 5:00PM: For those knocking Pau Gasol…this isn’t about that.  He’s absolutely legit, a bonafide top-15 player in this league.  He’s worth Kevin Martin and Luis Scola and then-some.  But again, this isn’t about that.  This is about the direction of this team.  Can you build a title around Gasol in the next four years before he breaks down?  Apparently Morey thinks so.  I would prefer to go young but if Les Alexander won’t allow that, you can at least respect the effort here.

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