Rockets vs. Trail Blazers Preview Podcast

Earlier today I recorded a podcast previewing tonight’s Rockets/Trail Blazers game with  fellow TrueHoop writer Sean Highkin of Portland Roundball Society. Click the link above to give it a listen. We discussed why the likes of Royce White, Donatas Motiejunas, and Terrence Jones aren’t playing; whether James Harden’s success is sustainable; all things Omer Asik; and much, much more.

Yesterday I wrote that there’s no better time to be a Rockets fan than right now, and if tonight’s game plays out exactly like I think it will (fast, exciting, millions of points scored by both teams), this one qualifies as a must watch.

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On Halloween, James Harden led the Rockets to a win and spoiled the Pistons’ home opener. Last night, James Harden led the Rockets to a win and spoiled the Hawks’ home opener. There is a pattern emerging in the NBA and the league has now officially put the Rockets on ‘spoiler alert’ status. Tonight at 7 pm Harden will finally take his talents to Houston and be in front of his new home crowd as the Rockets will host the Portland Trailblazers in their own home opener.

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In a way, this is a game we should have lost.

The Houston Rockets are a young team.  Young teams commit mistakes.  Teams that suffer a high roster turnover, that need to adjust to the habits of idiosyncrasies of one another, commit mistakes.  And in basketball, a sport where maybe 5 possessions out of 100 can swing the outcome of a game, teams cannot afford to make lots of mistakes.

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Game chat: 6:30PM CST

Join us again in the chatroom tonight for the Beardsanity encore.

Here’s the link to the chatroom.  You can also participate from your phone.

(Note that you’ll need a forum account to enter.   If you haven’t yet created one, you can do that here.  You can also register via Twitter.)


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Being a Rockets fan is (finally) fun

Two weeks ago I started writing a column that would attempt to answer how Rockets fans should feel watching their team this season. Was it okay to root for development among the rookies but overall failure for the roster?

Should tempered expectations be acceptable on the tried and true philosophies that preach patience and eventual lottery picks? Would Jeremy Lin be enjoyable, or would the half-court offense look like molasses dripping off a table? What style of offense would they deploy with so few certified play makers?

Should everyone strap blinders on, trudge through the regular season, then sit back, crack a beer, and attend a viewing party for the NBA Lottery? After all, why should fans invest any emotions in a roster full of pieces that in all likelihood wouldn’t be in town next year?

Now, after watching Opening Night of both the 2012-13 season and James Harden era go down with a relevant bang, that article doesn’t need to be written. The Rockets aren’t the best team in basketball, and they aren’t the worst team in basketball. What they are, however, is a ridiculous good time. [read more…]

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