With all the days off the Rockets have had over the last couple of weeks, fans are hoping for a reboot.  So far, the Rockets are perfect in the new year.  We’re all hoping that the cohesion between players has started and that the team is ready to make a run.  Remember how the Lakers came together at the end of the year and started winning after claiming Howard had integrated with Kobe and the rest of the Lakers?  Is that the Rocket’s fate this year?  Is Howard gelling better with Harden, Lin and Parsons?  That’s the thing I’m looking for as the Rockets play five games in the next seven days.  The Laker game is the only one at home, but all of the games are winnable for the Rockets. As Rahat likes to say, the Rockets should win these games, so they probably won’t.

Maybe the time off has helped to heal Asik and Smiths’ knees.  Unfortunately Parsons now has a knee issue and is questionable for Wednesday.  Smith is also questionable.  The time has given our injured players some time to heal but with Beverley and Asik still out, the Rockets continue to play from behind the eight ball where injuries are concerned.  Everybody has missed games this year except for Howard.  Man, where would the Rockets be without Howard?  Harden hasn’t played in six games this year, Beverley ten, Lin ten, Asik 18 and Smith hasn’t played in 26 games.

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The Rockets Daily – January 7, 2013

Pain is Gain –  The Rockets’ season long struggle with injuries doesn’t appear to be improving.  At all.  Jason Friedman of Rockets.com tells a tale that has become all too familiar this season:

Parsons’ issue, on the other, hand, is a relatively new ailment. He first sustained the injury during last Thursday’s practice when he collided knee-to-knee with Terrence Jones. At the time, he says he thought so little of it that he didn’t even seek treatment for it afterward, and said he felt minimal discomfort while playing 44 minutes against the Knicks one day later. Yesterday, however, he noticed that the affected area had begun to become increasingly troublesome.

But don’t worry, the knee was so little a concern for Parsons that he didn’t even interrupt his rehab for his back to tend to his knee.  [read more…]

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After my last post about the Houston Rockets crunch time woes, Bluemars from the forums asked if I could do a similar analysis for all NBA teams. That seemed like a pretty neat idea, and the above chart is the result. The chart shows all teams’ offensive efficiency plotted against their assist ratios during various crunch time moments, defined as being down by five points or less (or tied) with a certain number of minutes remaining. Basically, it’s an attempt to show which teams have heroball tendencies and what results those tendencies produce. For extra fun, the chart also shows each team’s win percentages during their crunch time minutes.   [read more…]

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