The Rockets Daily – January 7, 2013

Pain is Gain –  The Rockets’ season long struggle with injuries doesn’t appear to be improving.  At all.  Jason Friedman of tells a tale that has become all too familiar this season:

Parsons’ issue, on the other, hand, is a relatively new ailment. He first sustained the injury during last Thursday’s practice when he collided knee-to-knee with Terrence Jones. At the time, he says he thought so little of it that he didn’t even seek treatment for it afterward, and said he felt minimal discomfort while playing 44 minutes against the Knicks one day later. Yesterday, however, he noticed that the affected area had begun to become increasingly troublesome.

But don’t worry, the knee was so little a concern for Parsons that he didn’t even interrupt his rehab for his back to tend to his knee.  [read more…]

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After my last post about the Houston Rockets crunch time woes, Bluemars from the forums asked if I could do a similar analysis for all NBA teams. That seemed like a pretty neat idea, and the above chart is the result. The chart shows all teams’ offensive efficiency plotted against their assist ratios during various crunch time moments, defined as being down by five points or less (or tied) with a certain number of minutes remaining. Basically, it’s an attempt to show which teams have heroball tendencies and what results those tendencies produce. For extra fun, the chart also shows each team’s win percentages during their crunch time minutes.   [read more…]

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When I hatched the idea of a Rockets Daily (also briefly known as Rockets Blast), I was skeptical.  A daily news gazette isn’t anything unique in the sports blogosphere, but I wasn’t sure I wanted such a thing on Red94 – some days there’s just not enough news and the piece itself could appear as fluff.  That’s why it’s such a tough loss losing John Eby who, for the last year, wrote these Dailies filling in the pieces with his own editorial touch.  It’s been pretty neat coming to my own site every morning to get filled in on the day’s news and I’m fairly certain you, dear reader, have gotten the same utility out of Mr. Eby’s writing.

A lot more goes in to running a blog of this scale than just what you see appear on your page.  In the early days, when it was just myself and Durvasa, I handled everything on my own.  Now, with a staff that has ballooned to 11 writers, in addition to four forum moderators, there’s a lot of juggling that takes place behind the scenes.  In addition to the Dailies, Mr. Eby coordinated the schedules every week to ensure that a preview and recap went up for each game in a timely manner in accordance with each writer’s availability.  That was a task that I just could no longer handle on my own.

John, as you know, will be retiring from the Dailies due to the expected birth of a child.  He’ll still be with us, penning his DwightLife series, however.  Taking his place, I’m excited to introduce Mitchell Felker who we were lucky to find after a very extensive candidate search process.  Mitchell is a native Houstonian and a former Army air traffic controller.  Below is his first Daily. – Rahat Huq

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