Evaluating 34 Games of Omri Casspi

You know the incredible feeling you sometimes get after throwing on a pair of no-longer-blue jeans that were hanging in your closet for months? You stretch down to fold your wallet into your back pocket and something’s already there. You reach back and it feels like paper. A movie stub? To large. A receipt? Too grainy. You drag it out then swing it past your eyes. Dear lord in heaven, please, yes, thank you. It’s $20.

That moment right there is how some people would describe how it felt to watch Omri Casspi play basketball in November. He was incredible, a nightly pleasure twice as enjoyable because nobody expected it. He made 42.9% of his threes that month, and posted a 59.9 True Shooting percentage, good enough to tie Kevin Love for 18th overall right now.

Casspi was so much more than a shooter; almost everything he did was unconsciously brilliant. He passed, ran, dribbled, shot, rebounded, and competed. Houston’s offense scorched the Earth in his 341 minutes of action. But the numbers said something totally insane about the other end of the floor: Houston had the second best defense in the league whenever Casspi the Great played. When he sat the Rockets played down to a Brooklyn Nets/New York Knicks level of atrociousness.

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The Rockets Daily – January 9, 2013

It’s not you, it’s me- As you know by now, last nights’ Rockets-Lakers game was bumped from ESPN’s broadcast because no one wants to watch the Lakers without Mamba for what ended up being an exciting game between Phoenix and Minnesota.  What you may not know is that the NBA made it up to Rockets’ fans in a big way, by bumping the Lakers-Bulls match-up on TNT, Monday January 20th, in favor of the Blazers-Rockets. [read more…]

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Dwight Howard made it clear during his interview (look in yesterday’s Daily if you missed it).  “We’ve got to get a win. A good win.” At this point, the drama of the off-season should be well out of sight in the rear-view mirror. It’s possible to manufacture storylines for this game, but the Rockets don’t need any. This is the easy stretch of the schedule, the time when their supposed to rack up wins and build up the feel-good team chemistry that will propel them to greater heights. The task at hand should be story enough.

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