On the NBA: Lakers, Irving, Kevin Martin

  • Why is everyone so sure that Kobe will defer to Steve Nash just because of Nash’s stature?  What in Kobe’s history would lead anyone to believe that he’ll defer to anyone?  When has he ever played with another ball dominating guard?  The only player that even comes to mind is Nick Van Excel and that was before Kobe could even legally drink.
  • Here’s the thing: Lebron and Wade were friends.  And there was also a mutual understanding.  Wade had a ring.  And I think Lebron understood/understands his own flaws in not really being a closer.  And so you saw Lebron let Wade take the last shots up until this last year’s playoffs when the former just killed everyone and it didn’t even matter.  But there’s more complicated dynamics at play with Nash and Kobe, mainly, the awkward reality that Kobe has five rings but Nash is the more efficient option (especially with Howard as a roll-man.)  Like I said before, the rags will explode the first time that team loses two in a row.

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via Rookie Royce White not with Rockets for opening of training camp – Houston weather, traffic, news | FOX 26 | MyFoxHouston:

“We are trying to figure out a plan for me to be healthy and successful long-term,” White said. “It’s not really anything that’s going on right now. It’s more of trying to take a pro-active approach and trying to put together a solid plan.

“It is definitely linked with my anxiety sure, but it’s not so much as far as my anxiety now. Basically what happened was my doctor, we discussed it, and it was decided the way the plan was now just wasn’t logistically healthy.

“So what can we do strategically to try and improve the chances of everybody being successful in this situation, my success and the Rockets success? If I fail then that’s not good for them either, because it’s an investment.”

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Texans again, All-rookie teams, Chris Paul

So the Texans are likely to remain atop ESPN’s weekly power rankings this week, when they come out, after another dominant performance. I know next to nothing about football. But that one guy threw the ball down the field for plays, those other two guys ran well with the ball, and that one really tall white guy did a lot of stuff on the other end. So…umm…yeah, that’s the depth and extent of my analysis.

But really, all jokes aside, even for a basketball guy like myself, this has been incredible to watch. It’s not often that one of your city’s teams is described as dominant by the national media, with stars sprinkled upon both sides of the ball. The last time I can remember that happening was ’05 when Oswalt, Clemens, and Pettite were, I think, ranked 1, 2, and 3, respectively in national league ERA, or something ridiculous along those lines. With that said, why am I so morbid that I’m always asking myself, “how long can it last?” Schaub’s young in quarterback years, Foster probably has a good three years left, the defense is in its infancy, but you really hold your breath about Andre Johnson.

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Texans, Martin, McHale…

Media day is this Monday. So we’re basically one month away from the official start of things if you don’t count preseason. Though we should count preseason because nothing this season will really even be official – it will be all about watching the new guys play and develop.

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On the NBA: Lakers, Wade, and some other items

  • As you’ve noticed, this page has been dead for close to two weeks now.  When the most significant item of relevance is a Scott Machado signing, can you really blame us?
  • I’m wondering how long until the Hero-ball stuff rears its head again this year because this time, even an idiot will know that the Nash-Howard pick and roll is the far superior percentage option.  But inevitably, it will happen.  At some point, the Lakers will lose a game or a few with Kobe Bryant hogging in the 4th quarter.  And the familiar discussion will arise.
  • When Ray Allen subs in for Mario Chalmers at some point in the 1st quarter in Game 1 of the Finals in June, every player on the floor at that time will have at some point been an NBA All-Star in his career.  Even if Metta might be the league’s worst offensive regular.

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