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From Cowbell Kingdom:

“Like I said, all along I’m trying to create an environment here,” Smart told reporters after Saturday practice.  ”And we all gotta move forward to making sure that we do everything we can to keep that environment in the right direction.  And when any player goes beyond that, then there’s going to be consequences to that.  And I thought last night, it moved in that direction.”

Via the full report, Cousins and head coach Keith Smart got into a heated verbal exchange at halftime of Friday’s affair against L.A.  Judging from Smart’s comments, however, this seems to be more a disciplinary response to something incidental rather than anything approaching a built-up ‘final straw’, as I had originally assumed.  Cousins has had his ongoing issues, but I’m not sure this makes it any more likely that the Kings deal him.

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via Ken Berger:

Kings announce they have suspended DeMarcus Cousins indefinitely for “unprofessional behavior and conduct detrimental to the team.”

While they’ve repeatedly stated a long-term commitment to Cousins, I don’t see how this marriage can last; the young power forward has apparently not made any progress with his maturity issues.

It begs the question – if the Kings reach a point where they’ve had enough, should/would the Rockets pursue?  Cousins has the talent to be the best offensive big man in the game.  And a back to the basket presence is the one element this Rockets team is lacking.  But would it be wise to poison this lockerroom with such a cancerous presence?

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Patrick Patterson out at least two more weeks

via the Chronicle:

Pending the opinion of a third doctor to examine Patterson, the Rockets are expected to wait two weeks to evaluate Patterson in hopes he can avoid surgery, Patterson’s agent, Odell McCants, said.

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After a two week honeymoon following that exciting overtime game against the Spurs, the Rockets now have to face a vicious schedule that starts with the Grizzlies and takes them on the road for 15 of their next 23 games. As the Rockets prepare for a deluge of teams currently in the playoff race (15 of the next 23, again) they start the stretch with one of the most brutal opponents out there: the 17-6 division rival Memphis Grizzlies.

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Examining the Lin/Harden pick-and-roll

It’s safe to say that Jeremy Lin and James Harden are two young basketball players infatuated with the pick-and-roll. Moments before magically transforming it into an Omer Asik-looking-catapult that hurls them towards the basket, they salivate at the site of a ball screen.

For Harden, the pick-and-roll has played a major role in solidifying him as one of the league’s most capable and efficient scorers (according to Synergy Sports, Harden is the second most efficient pick-and-roll ball handler in the league, averaging 1.1 points per possession). In Lin’s case, it waffles between safety raft and stepping stone to consistency (on nearly a third of all his possessions, Lin uses the pick-and-roll, according to Synergy).

Both use it a ton, and both wouldn’t be the same without it. Unfortunately for the Rockets, only one ball exists in play at a time, and while one is taking advantage, the other is rendered useless. Or so we think. [read more…]

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