I, like you, have not seen much of Mr. Robinson and thus, I’ve gone scouring the internet for highlight clips to get a closer look.

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Huq’s Pen: The Deadline strikes in two hours

I’m worried to even type anything in fear that one Woj tweet will render everything scribed completely obsolete.

To those who have asked, both Josh Smith and Dwight Howard cannot be acquired unless one is acquired via a sign&trade.  You cannot trade for Smith, waive him, sign Howard, and then re-sign Smith with bird rights.  This is because waiving Smith (to release his cap hold and sign Howard) takes away your ability to then re-sign Smith through exceeding the cap.

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What a game, what a night in Houston

As James Harden stepped to the line at Toyota Center late last night in the 4th, the first MVP chants in eight years from the home crowd poured down upon him.  He calmly sank points 45 and 46, sealing the victory for the Rockets.  Afterward, head coach Kevin McHale described Harden as flawless offensively and “unguardable off the catch.”  From anyone’s vantage point, that’s pretty spot-on analysis.

The most interesting part there came in the form of McHale’s comment that Harden was at his best “off the catch.”  Earlier in the year, I had asserted that because, unlike Jeremy Lin, Harden could actually be effective “off the catch” (ie: not needing a live dribble), the team was as its best when Lin was playing the point guard role (ie: facilitating) and dishing to Harden.  Ironically though, despite McHale’s comments, Harden’s damage last night came off the dribble, with Lin effectively playing the ‘2’.

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The Daily Blast – February 21, 2013

T-Rob Pros– To get an idea of how happy Rockets fans should be over yesterday’s trade that brought Thomas Robinson to town, look no further than the sadness of Kings fans. From ARoyalPain.com:

All in all – it’s a pretty disgusting below the belt punch from the Maloof family, who already had King fans on the ropes. Don’t get me wrong – Patterson is a very solid player who King fans will grow to love (hopefully long term, if the Kings are to remain) – but the Kings are the clear loser in this deal – the price too steep to pay.

Sentiments are similar at Sactown Royalty:

On a personal note, I am livid about this trade. It seems the Maloofs and Petrie found a way to stick it to Kings fans at least one more time.

And then there’s this nugget from the city’s flagship publication, the Sacramento Bee:

Robinson was the fifth overall pick in the 2012 NBA Draft. The Kings were ecstatic to select him as they had him rated No. 2 on their draft board.

And finally, here’s some of what John Hollinger’s player profile (ESPN Insider) said about Robinson at the start of the season:

Robinson also has some skill to get shots at the basket, especially posting up or making quick moves off the dribble. He is a bit short for a 4 and shot only 50 percent on 2s, an indication that he may have some issues finishing against size. Similarly, his other stats are more solid than great.

Still, he’s such an overwhelming force on the glass that he almost can’t help but be a productive NBA power forward, and he is athletic enough that his game may evolve in several directions.

After the break: the cons.

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Why Houston won the Thomas Robinson trade

In the moments before last night’s thrilling victory over the Oklahoma City Thunder, climactic word began to seep through the internet that the Houston Rockets had unsurprisingly become one of trading season’s first participants. It started with word that Marcus Morris was inactive; when Kevin McHale was questioned by the local media about it, he quipped “ask Daryl.” [read more…]

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