Open Question: Patterson vs. Hill

As expected by most, Patrick Patterson is looking like quite the player.  He had another solid outing last night with ten boards after his breakout performance against the Raptors.  Unfortunately, our other young big has not made much of the golden opportunity before him.  While his offense is light years ahead of where it was when he was acquired, Jordan Hill still looks as lost as ever on the defensive end, blowing rotations and overall exhibiting lackadaisical play.

In today’s Chronicle, Rick Adelman hailed Patrick Patterson as the team’s best frontcourt help defender.  For an organization as meticulous as the Rockets, they certainly cannot be too pleased with Hill’s lapses.

What are your thoughts on the future of this duo?  Patterson seems like a “Rocket”, in the mold of Battier and Hayes, cerebral and hard-working though unspectacular.  Hill has come a long way but has even further to go leading one to wonder when the front office will lose patience.  Will the Rockets hang on to both and let them develop or will one be shipped to clear the log jam?

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