Open Question: Patterson vs. Hill

As expected by most, Patrick Patterson is looking like quite the player.  He had another solid outing last night with ten boards after his breakout performance against the Raptors.  Unfortunately, our other young big has not made much of the golden opportunity before him.  While his offense is light years ahead of where it was when he was acquired, Jordan Hill still looks as lost as ever on the defensive end, blowing rotations and overall exhibiting lackadaisical play.

In today’s Chronicle, Rick Adelman hailed Patrick Patterson as the team’s best frontcourt help defender.  For an organization as meticulous as the Rockets, they certainly cannot be too pleased with Hill’s lapses.

What are your thoughts on the future of this duo?  Patterson seems like a “Rocket”, in the mold of Battier and Hayes, cerebral and hard-working though unspectacular.  Hill has come a long way but has even further to go leading one to wonder when the front office will lose patience.  Will the Rockets hang on to both and let them develop or will one be shipped to clear the log jam?

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  • guest

    patrick patterson is what we need a taller chuck hayes and a better offfensive carl landry. He also has a pretty sick afro like carl

  • David Conover

    it is too early to judge anything on patterson.

    in regards to hill… we have to stop judging him on potential (which is just a fancy way of saying ‘he looks like he should be better than he is’) and start judging him on who he is – a very good spot bench player. outside of scola (this isn’t saying much) he is our best on the block offensive player. and he can be a better than average defender and rebounder… but only occasionally. the key to hill is to bring him off the bench and use him when he is on… when he isn’t attaching the basket or cleaning the glass and protecting the rim… he should be back on the bench.

  • Bob Schmidt

    Seems to me that the log-jam is Jeffries… He’s pretty expensive on the roster for only garbage minutes. I’d rather keep PP and Hill and develop them.

  • zen

    It says here that the typical Rocket is cerebral, hard-working, and unspectacular. It’s that last part that gets frustrating. Unfortunately true, but still frustrating.

  • Anonymous

    Agreed, though getting rid of his deal will be tricky.

  • Easy

    Hill’s problem, as Adelman more than once alluded to, is that he doesn’t put his mind in the game at all time. That’s why his minutes are so inconsistent. If he can concentrate, he can be very effective. But if can’t then he will only be a backup.

    Patterson, on the other hand, seems to be extremely disciplined, in the Battier-Hayes mode. But his offense looks to be better than both Battier and Hayes. The only thing about him is probably his “too nice” personality, willing to take a back seat whenever is asked. Will it translate to a lack of aggressiveness on the court?

  • redraccoon

    No question really. We WANTED Patterson. Hill was just a part of a deal. If Hill becomes more than a bench player I’ll consider that icing.

  • Patrick Patterson is going to be a future all star. Jordan Hill is going to be a very good role player. Plain and simple I’m taking Patrick Patterson over Hayes and Hill.

  • Thiefery

    I.still think that Jordan will develop into something special. It will take another season but once he gets his game together, he will be a top 7 pf

  • Dreamin

    I have never been a believer in Hill. Morey wont trade him for nothing though. Does he have any value by himself? Or is he just a throw in peice?

  • Patrick

    The problem is that his deal is so big, we’ll have to wait til the trade deadline before we can have enough to bribe a team to take his deal. Still, if we don’t make any other moves, we should be able to drop below the tax threshold if we are able to give him away.

  • Daryl

    Jordan Hill’s skills might have improved, but has that affected his actual production? At all?

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