Oh, the highs and lows of summer

I was depressed today and wasn’t sure why until it hit me that basketball season is truly over. There’s no content left on Twitter. No speculation of moves to come or even analysis of how Westbrook fits – that’s all already been done. And with the recent consensus that the Rockets are probably done, it finally sets in that we have three months of nothing. Or rather, my wife’s favorite time of the year.

What a truly bizarre season. I’ll need to recap in depth at some point but its a Friday night and who has the energy for that? We started with lofty expectations, believing that the previous year, a title was just a hamstring away. It didn’t matter that key contributors were let go. We could replace them on the cheap.

The season started off disastrously; the team looked unrecognizable. They shed themselves of Melo and took off. Chris Paul went down as expected. Marquese Chriss made a trade demand. They unloaded picks to dodge the tax and did nothing to improve themselves by trade. Danuel House held out. Chris Paul came back and the Rockets were the best team in the league for a couple of months. James Harden had the type of season that if anyone not named James Harden would have had, they would have unanimously won the MVP. The Warriors took the Rockets down yet again and Harden said he knew exactly what needed to be done.

Then, weeks of speculation. Jimmy Butler drove through downtown Houston. There would be fireworks. But Riley had the last laugh. Bosh Part Two? Did Jimmy just play us? Oh, what could have been.

Suddenly, Westbrook was a Rocket. I felt sick. But I read and consumed. I finally came around. There was so much great content about the trade. Now I am very excited. But we’re right at the tax line and there are no free agents left. We are probably done making moves. I hope Eric Gordon isn’t traded. We can’t afford to let him walk.

Now we wait. In October, there will be predictions to make. Until then, the dullness of summer. Maybe I’ll write retro posts about the Kevin Martin era.

About the author: Rahat Huq is a lawyer in real life and the founder and editor-in-chief of Red94.net.

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