On the NBA: Lakers, Wade, and some other items

  • As you’ve noticed, this page has been dead for close to two weeks now.  When the most significant item of relevance is a Scott Machado signing, can you really blame us?
  • I’m wondering how long until the Hero-ball stuff rears its head again this year because this time, even an idiot will know that the Nash-Howard pick and roll is the far superior percentage option.  But inevitably, it will happen.  At some point, the Lakers will lose a game or a few with Kobe Bryant hogging in the 4th quarter.  And the familiar discussion will arise.
  • When Ray Allen subs in for Mario Chalmers at some point in the 1st quarter in Game 1 of the Finals in June, every player on the floor at that time will have at some point been an NBA All-Star in his career.  Even if Metta might be the league’s worst offensive regular.

  • I’m watching Spiderman on TBS as I write this and I still don’t know how this franchise was ever even popular.  It seems more geared toward my nine-year old nephew than to any self-respecting male adult.
  • I still watch Seinfeld reruns on TBS almost regularly.  I know almost immediately if I will get along with a person by judging their reaction upon my mention of the hit comedy.
  • Who is John Wall exactly?  And is the statement true that Kyrie Irving is closer to Derrick Rose than Wall is to Irving?
  • I’m incredibly interested to see how Courtney Lee fits in with the Celtics because that seems like a match made in heaven.
  • How far away are the Rockets, really?  Are we looking at another three years until they’re back in the playoffs?  Will that be deemed acceptable by this city?  Then again, few are even still watching.
  • The 76ers are the team that can really make a big jump, in the East, with the acquisition of Bynum.  But can he handle his new responsibilities?
  • Denver and Phoenix are the two teams that really make you scratch your head.  Locking oneself into mediocrity is not the way to go.
  • What becomes of the Heat?  Lebron finally realized no one can really stop him but Wade is now 30.  (Can you believe Dwyane Wade is 30?)  I don’t think their window is as big as is presumed.
  • I’m looking down the list of teams in the league and the one I’d least want to be is, I think, Phoenix.  I just really have no idea what they’re trying to do over there.
  • It would be humorous I think if the Mavs somehow won the title with this makeshift lineup they scrapped together this offseason.
  • This November is Patrick Patterson’s last shot as a starter in this league if you consider the odds are already stacked against him with defensive-minded Asik cemented at center; Motiejunas is a much more natural pairing.  If Patterson continues his struggles from last year, and Motiejunas isn’t a reincarnate of Dave Andersen, that’s likely it.
  • Even if Jeremy Lin averages 11 points and 3 assists, if his signing was the catalyst for Les allowing this rebuilding effort, he’ll be worth every penny.

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About the author: Rahat Huq is a lawyer in real life and the founder and editor-in-chief of Red94.net.

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