On the NBA: Lakers, Irving, Kevin Martin

  • Why is everyone so sure that Kobe will defer to Steve Nash just because of Nash’s stature?  What in Kobe’s history would lead anyone to believe that he’ll defer to anyone?  When has he ever played with another ball dominating guard?  The only player that even comes to mind is Nick Van Excel and that was before Kobe could even legally drink.
  • Here’s the thing: Lebron and Wade were friends.  And there was also a mutual understanding.  Wade had a ring.  And I think Lebron understood/understands his own flaws in not really being a closer.  And so you saw Lebron let Wade take the last shots up until this last year’s playoffs when the former just killed everyone and it didn’t even matter.  But there’s more complicated dynamics at play with Nash and Kobe, mainly, the awkward reality that Kobe has five rings but Nash is the more efficient option (especially with Howard as a roll-man.)  Like I said before, the rags will explode the first time that team loses two in a row.

  • I wish Bynum had been traded to Cleveland as had been rumored because a pairing of him and Irving would have been sensational.  Has a rookie point guard ever looked that composed and shot that well?
  • The Thunder should have traded James Harden at the draft because they probably won’t get a better deal (that also accomplishes their goals of salary management) than the rumored one with Washington.  And if you’re a Rockets fan, Jeremy Lamb on a rookie scale contract is a better option for this team than James Harden at the max.
  • Will this be the year the Boston Celtics finally slip?  Who falls off first between Boston and the Spurs?  It’s difficult to come up with a tougher backcourt than Courtney Lee and Rajon Rondo.
  • The irony of the Kevin Martin situation is that he’s, in some ways, after Shane Battier, Daryl Morey’s signature acquisition: a high efficiency true-shooting monster overlooked unless digging deeper into the stats.
  • The Minnesota Timberwolves look to be the most interesting team out West.
  • The case of Mark Cuban is a curious one.  Most Mavs fans, or at least those I know, seem to hate him.  What would you have done?  Do you break up a chance to defend a title by looking to the future?  It should be irrelevant.  The fact that Cuban put Dallas basketball on the map should give him a free pass for all later questionable decisions.

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