On the NBA: Game 7 Awaits

These NBA Finals have reminded me of what it means, when someone says “the next level.” These teams have so thoroughly accounted for everything that the other wants to do, so much so that new strategies are adapted game-to-game, so much so that the court’s been rendered utterly chaotic, merely a place for more totally baffling plays to be made. Analysis, and prediction, which rely so heavily on precedent, are futile. We’ve never been here before. It’s only time to watch, and partake in the thrills of such clamorous mayhem. You have to believe that these games’ players are in a similar mindset, too; watching themselves, as curious as we are of what they’re capable of, in this unseen stratosphere of competition. Duncan and LeBron, in particular, wore faces at various points of Game 6 that suggested an out-of-body drive; confused, and overwhelmed, but completely impassioned. I’m exhausted, stupefied, and thrilled, just imagining one more bout of this series, which we’re lucky to be alive for.

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