Looming Lockout?

Questions/musings off the top of my head:

1. This sucks.

2. Given the Rockets recent push for a top 5 Lottery spot, how will the lockout affect the 2011 NBA Draft?

3. What effect will the lockout and its negotiations have on player contracts – specifically will teams be able to sign more stringent non-guaranteed contracts allowing them to cut players as easily as NFL teams?

4. Can thought #3 be retroactively applied to Kyle Lowry’s contract? (Just kidding, Kyle is going to start playing better any day now. And it won’t matter anyway as his contract was signed before the lockout – remember KG’s monster deal that was effectively grandfathered into the 1999 CBA?)

5. With the NFL and now the NBA likely headed toward a lockout, I need to get back into a serious fantasy baseball league. Or start following the NHL (please, no).

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    Hockey rules in HD obviously not having an NHL team in Houston is a slight detriment to really getting into hockey. My hope is these two questions. David Stern really won’t let this ruin his legacy will he? and really won’t the players realize unless they are all willing to move overseas, which they could do, that they can’t possibly win. The owners shut down the league go home live in their mansions and their favorite hobby isn’t around, but their business empires will allow them to maintain their lifestyle. The players go home and 6 months later the majority realize they have no long term plan. That article is great, but without empirical data I still believe JJ Hickson represents the league norm. Unless I am missing something the owners have the leverage and leverage wins.

  • ty185

    some of my reactions:

    #1: The more prepared the players are for the lockout, the more financial pressure they could withstand come lockout time and the longer it will probably drag on. In other words: this really sucks.

    #2: 2011 Draft belongs to the curent CBA and will not be impacted by the lockout other than we might have to delay signing our draftee. (However, talent pool for the upcoming draft will likely to be thin because players would be less inclined to declare for draft).

    #3: Whatever the new CBA is regarding player contracts, the rockets should be a beneficiary simply because our emphasis on quantitative analysis is tailor made for restrained spending.

    #4: Contract roll back is widely rumored to be something ownership pushes for. while by no means it is certain, Lowry (and every other player) will unlikely to get the full contract value coming next summer (remember, even if the new CBA does not include a contract roll back clause, an escrow clause is almost inevitable).

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