Kevin Martin is an All-Time Great… on Offense

On the Basketball-Reference blog, Neil Paine answered a question about the most one-dimensional talents in league history: players whose contributions on one side of the floor so clearly eclipsed those on the other. The question seemed based around Steve Nash and his other-worldly skills at seemingly every facet of running an offense (and his rather embarrassing inability to stop anyone from getting his on the other end), but a certain Houston Rocket shooting guard was placed rather highly on the list. Yes, up there with the likes of Adrian Dantley, Kiki Vandeweghe and the rest of the 80’s Denver Nuggets, Kevin Martin has one of the most lopsided skillsets in NBA history. The eighth-most, specifically. I’ve noticed a recent upswing in Martin’s defense, flush with harder close-outs, more intensity on the perimeter and more familiarity with rotations (he sometimes just gets in others’ ways on defense, a sin he has recently avoided). Apparently, four games of impassioned D can’t make up for a career of getting pushed around; let’s hope our all-time scorer/abysmal defender continues to buck the trend.

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  • Roc A Fella

    Not even close. T-Mac > K Mart by miles

  • Ryan Perez

    Can someone help me understand the formula he used to figure this out?? I understand the theory, but still after reading it, I don’t really get how this was determined.

  • Kevinpfoote

    silly question. not everything is based upon statistics. this sounds like it was an editorial… it is likely an opinion that can be argued using certain statistics, but mostly based upon a particular person’s “expert” opinion.

    same reason you can’t necessarily “quantify” the best player ever. if you could, it would be wilt chamberlain, but most people would agree that it is jordan.

  • Ryan Perez

    Well he used something called “win shares” and determined it based on offense vs. defense. I just don’t understand it. If you click on the link, though, he did use some sort of stats, but didn’t explain enough for me to get it.

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