Jonny Flynn

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If the Rockets hope to stay in this race, they’ll need to seek an alternative backup point guard.  If you watched tonight’s game, and his other appearances, you’ll understand what I mean when I describe Jonny Flynn as one of the worst basketball players I’ve ever seen.

In early January, I assessed Flynn’s game as follows:

Except for the fact that he’s now shooting 25% and Hasheem Thabeet is no longer relevant, the assessment stands.

Flynn dribbles for the mere sake of dribbling.  It’s beyond painful to watch.

The ‘crossover dribble’ is used to change direction and get past one’s defender. Flynn does it with no purpose, standing in place, almost as if having no plan of where to go.  As I tweeted tonight, it’s become so bad now that one can only watch and appreciate it.

If Lowry is truly out for two weeks and the Rockets hope to stay in the race, they’ll need a new backup.  With already a slim margin for error, I fear those few minutes per game when Goran Dragic sits might be enough to push the outcomes into the loss column.

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