Huq’s Pen: Revisiting Lowry

I have to toot my own horn here.  For the many I’ve gotten wrong (Artest in LA, Ariza in NOLA, Scola), it seems I’ve been dead on about Kyle Lowry since last year.  Since the All-Star break, the beastly bulldog has averaged 19.9 points, 8.5a assists, and 5.5 boards per contest.  Those are All-Star numbers, folks.  It would seem that Aaron Brooks’ mere presence in the lineup, as the positional incumbent, was having a restrictive effect on Lowry’s production.  Maybe he forced things thinking his job was not safe…?  Maybe he still had not felt like the team’s leader…?  Who knows, but Lowry has been at another level since the trade.

The good news is that on the basis of his advanced stats last season, the production seems sustainable.  The bad news? There doesn’t seem to be any.  The just-turned-25-year-old is locked in long-term at a shade under $6million/per, less than what his precedent would have likely commanded on the open market.  Lowry is elite defensively, on the boards, as a distributor, and is a natural leader.  He seems to also have turned around biggest weakness–shooting–into a strength. Does anyone out there still think the team made the wrong choice choosing Kyle over Brooks?

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  • felix cardona

    I just hope this isn’t an anomaly. I am excited and happy that Lowry has been on a tear but I’ll wait until next season to see if he carries the momentum. He has improved season to season so maybe this is just a sneak peak of a more consistent output.

    However, I think my personal sweet spot. The basic stats Lowry needs to put up to make me feel giddy are 16pts/7asts/5 rebs. That is what I want to see. It is awfully close to what he has put up so far this season (13.5/6.6/4.1). Career being (9.8/4.5/3.3).

    (I know there are other stats that are equally as important or more, but I’ll just focus on the basic ones for now).

  • felix cardona

    Oh and I will never think that the Rockets chose wrong in picking Lowry. Lowry could flame out from now and I would still think it was the best choice. Lowry is just more suited for this team. He is a more willing passer, rebounder and more like to simply go in there and hustle his way into a good play. Brooks was Brooks. The better offensive player. Not a bad passer but not really good or willing. Lowry is better on defense, which is something needed for this team, and can’t be bullied as easily as Brooks due to physique.

    Even as Brooks poured in points last season (In the throw away season)I was never comfortable with him leading us as a team. He doesn’t fit the makeup of the offensive and rest of the players. Brooks needs a team that has a good passing SG and PF and is need of instant offense. We don’t really have that. I don’t count Brad Miller because when he is in the game he likes to play Point-Center.

  • Bob Schmidt

    As you probably remember, I supported Brooks pretty actively last year. But, there can be no question that Lowry was the right choice for Houston. His improved shooting is nothing short of spectacular. Plus, adding Dragic has improved our defense and makes for a good change of pace and height at the PG.

    I’m bummed out about the Philly game, but upbeat about our future team’s chances.

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