Huq’s Pen: The Deadline strikes in two hours

I’m worried to even type anything in fear that one Woj tweet will render everything scribed completely obsolete.

To those who have asked, both Josh Smith and Dwight Howard cannot be acquired unless one is acquired via a sign&trade.  You cannot trade for Smith, waive him, sign Howard, and then re-sign Smith with bird rights.  This is because waiving Smith (to release his cap hold and sign Howard) takes away your ability to then re-sign Smith through exceeding the cap.

I think Houston right now is just doing its diligence in inquiring about Smith.  Morey wants to see if his lowball offer is the last one standing.  I’d be floored if he parted with anything of real substance (ie: Parsons) in such a deal.  I was almost convinced that Thomas Robinson would be shipped to Atlanta until it just recently came to light that he cannot again be traded.

I think that if Morey can get Smith based around a package of either Motiejunas or Terrence Jones, he will do it.  He will not parth with both, nor will he part with Parsons or Asik as the Hawks would like.  Again, this is due diligence.  I don’t think Morey is desparate for Smith, but that he simply is putting in an offer in the event that Atlanta finds nothing else.

On the above, I could however, be completely wrong.  By some measures, Smith is on a different planet, defensively.  There is the thinking that adding him to a frontline with Asik could have greater impact than expected.  Either way, the team would be greatly improved.  I do not think, and I feel Morey feels the same, that acquiring Josh Smith puts this team, now or in the future, in contention.  That is why I do not see Houston blowing its load–for lack of a better phrase–on Josh Smith in free agency.

Final thoughts for now: I think last night’s trade was a good one for Phoenix in that having both twins could, I guess, make for a pretty cute marketing gimmick.  I digress.  I wish Marcus the best, however.  Was always a very cool dude every time we spoke, off camera.

As for the Kings, as always, I have no idea what they are doing and feel nothing but pain for such a loyal fanbase.  I guess bringing in Patterson to mentor Cousins has some shred of logic, but to cut ties with a #5 so quickly….is embarrassing.

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