Huq’s Pen: Davis, Dallas, House

  • To the above, I seem to remember a game back in the late 90’s when Dirk, Finley, and Nash came into The Summit and stomped the then-Hakeem, Barkley, Drexler-led Rockets. I can’t recall particularly if it could be called a “stunning” loss but I remember it being disappointing in that Dirk hadn’t yet asserted himself and was still in the early stages of his evolution. Houston was on the way down, with Barkley and Hakeem both 35. The current Rockets aren’t that long in the tooth but it definitely feels that way with how injuries have robbed this season.
  • I’ve written many times that the most depressing aspect of the James Harden era will forever be that Chris Paul wasn’t acquired at a younger age.
  • Do you realize that had we been remotely healthy, we would probably possess the top seed out West right now? Remarkable, considering the disastrous start to the year.
  • Why does Austin Rivers’ release have that weird spin to it? Why didn’t his father teach him correct form?
  • I think its probably a pretty safe bet that after maybe a few games of adjustment lag, James Nunnally will probably begin providing at least 50% of Danuel House Jr.’s production. With Eric Gordon and Chris Paul already back or expected back soon that probably (coldly) justifies Houston’s decision to stand firm on their minimum offer to House, from a business perspective, as harsh as that may sound. I never understand when fans or media charge ownership with being “cheap.” Shrewd managers don’t pay fringe talent more just because they asked for it.

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“Why does Austin Rivers’ release have that weird spin to it?
Why didn’t his father teach him correct form?”

Maybe mama was a lefty? 😉


Danuel House’s agent has screwed him badly. There is no other situation on the horizon– where he has a chance to shine– as he does in Harden’s orbit.

Danuel– if you read this?
Fire him today. Call Daryl. Sign it.



the last guy that tried to play hardball with Daryl is now in China. (d-mo). usually doesn’t end well.

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