Huq’s Pen: Davis, Dallas, House

  • I’m looking at the standings right now and I see the New Orleans Pelicans down at 21-24 and it hits me that Anthony Davis is incredibly overhyped because he doesn’t have the worst roster in the world, but his teams are never that good, with this season being the latest evidence. And by overhyped I mean that it seems as if every season, when ranking players in anticipation of the upcoming season, James Harden’s success and dominance from the previous year is considered an aberration, while Davis is seen as being ready to take the leap to MVP. But Davis isn’t really that young anymore. If his dominance were truly in line with his jaw-dropping statistics, why is his team in 12th?
  • I posed the question last night as to which fanbase has more reason for excitement: Dallas or Houston. Dallas is in year one of a probable superstar career which will span anywhere from between ten to fifteen years while Rockets fans are witnessing up close, one of the greatest offensive performances in NBA history from an All-time great who is already 29 and will probably begin tailing off in a handful of years. I think the former circumstances are definitely more reason for excitement particularly given the feelings of loss and missed opportunities which certainly accompany fandom of this Rockets team as its second best player dons civis on the sidelines with no clear timetable for a return. Invariably, hope on a blank slate is one of the strongest emotions and that’s where Dallas finds itself.

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“Why does Austin Rivers’ release have that weird spin to it?
Why didn’t his father teach him correct form?”

Maybe mama was a lefty? 😉


Danuel House’s agent has screwed him badly. There is no other situation on the horizon– where he has a chance to shine– as he does in Harden’s orbit.

Danuel– if you read this?
Fire him today. Call Daryl. Sign it.



the last guy that tried to play hardball with Daryl is now in China. (d-mo). usually doesn’t end well.

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