The Houston Rockets’ Week in Review: March 12 through March 18

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The week has not yet ended, as Houston visits Denver later tonight, but it wouldn’t make sense to post this in the wee hours of the night.  After impressive victories over the defending champs and the Lakers, the Rockets laid an egg last night in losing to the Pelicans.  Look at the number of offensive boards they grabbed against Cleveland!  That was the story of that game.

Houston is still second in offensive rating, within decimal points of Golden State (112.7 and 112.3).  They are fifteenth in defensive rating (105.7) and third in net rating (+6.6).   The Rockets are fourth in pace at 102.07.  Last week,  Houston was second in offensive rating (112.1), fourteenth in defense (105.6), third in net rating (+6.4), while playing at the fourth fastest pace (101.93).

I’ll leave you with his crossover from last night.

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