The Houston Rockets’ Week in Review: February 26 through March 4

This is a trial run for a sister series to the ‘glance at the week ahead’ posts I’ve been running every Sunday.  A pity that we have but a few weeks remaining in the year.  As you might have guessed from the title, I’ll be reviewing the week that was for the Houston Rockets.

The good guys went 1-1, getting embarrassed by Indiana and then thrashing the Clippers on ESPN on Wednesday night.

On the year, the Rockets sit at second in offensive rating (112.0), 14th in defense (105.6), and third in net rating (+6.3).  Their pace is at fourth – 101.97.

As of February 25, Houston had an offensive rating of 112.0 (2nd), a defensive rating of 105.5 (15th), and a net rating of +6.4 (3rd).  Pace was 101.98 (4th).

On the week itself, for their two games, the Rockets had an offensive rating of 112.2, a defensive rating of 109.1, and played at a pace of 101.68.

Obviously, from week to week, the changes will be extremely incremental.  But what inspired this post was a curiosity and motivation to index the long-term trends, especially in their relation to personnel transactions and lineup changes/injuries.  For instance, in pace, the Rockets were middle of the pack at some point very early on.  Now they’re at fourth.  While I suspect that uptick in tempo coincided with Patrick Beverley’s return from injury, it would have been cool to document that impact over the season.  We’ll have that next year.

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