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Houston Rockets at Philadelphia 76ers on 1/12/2013

The brutal January schedule continues for the Rockets tonight as they visit the City of Brotherly Love in the second half of yet another back-to-back. The Rockets hope to snap a two game losing skid; however, the 76ers also have a much worse five game losing streak they hope ends tonight.

The Rockets had been playing their best basketball of the season as they had won five in a row before dropping the last two in lackluster fashion. The schedule is seemingly to blame as it is starting to take its toll on the run and gun Rockets. Field goal percentage is down below 45 percent the last two games, ball movement has been slowed to a crawl at times and even their free throw shooting is suffering as last night’s 41 percent (12-29) can attest to.

The Rockets may have one of the youngest teams in the league but even young players have their endurance limit. It may be time to increase the player rotation for the next few games in order for all the players to have fresher legs for the long haul especially since the Rockets still have 11 games remaining in January and will play in a different city in all of those games.

While the Rockets are in the middle of the toughest part of their schedule, the 76ers just ended their rough stretch, and they did not fare well. At the beginning of December, the 76ers were 10-6 and in the middle of the playoff hunt, but after going 4-11 in December and 1-5 to start the New Year, they find themselves four games back of the final playoff spot with a 15-22 record. Add that to the fact the Sixers’ prime offseason acquisition , Andrew Bynum, still does not have a time table for a return this season (if he is even able to return this season) and one can see there is not much going well for the Sixers right now. The only silver lining in an otherwise dark rain cloud is the Sixers will play 12 out of their next 13 games at home, so if there was ever a chance to turn a season around, now would be that time.




SF- Chandler Parsons

PF- Marcus Morris

C- Omer Asik

SG- James Harden

PG- Jeremy Lin


SF- Evan Turner

PF- Thaddeus Young

C- Lavoy Allen

SG- Jason Richardson

PG- Jrue Holiday


  • James Harden was one point shy last night of continuing his 14 game streak of scoring a minimum of 25 points. I’m sure Harden didn’t really care about the streak and much rather would have wanted to win more than continue the streak, but it was still quite an accomplishment.
  • I wonder who will see basketball action first, Royce White or Andrew Bynum? By basketball action I mean actually performing on the court whether it is at the NBA level or in the developmental league. That distinction should give White a little more of a chance, but at this juncture it is more likely Bynum will hit the court first. According to ESPN.com, Bynum has indicated the swelling in his knees is gone, so he could begin to up his activity in the coming weeks with a goal to play at some point before the end of the season. In White’s case, him and management are still at a standstill on what type of protocols should be put in place, so I wouldn’t hold my breath on seeing him on the court anytime soon.
  • Jrue Holiday has been one of the Sixers’ lone bright spots this season. He is 6th among point guards in scoring at 18 ppg and he is fourth in assists with 8.76 apg. The only downside to his game is he currently leads the league in turnovers per game by averaging 3.79 turnovers. That is not a damnable statistic though as the Rockets can attest to since James Harden is second with 3.69 turnovers per game.

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  • cdhthegreat says 1 YEAR ago I don't mind not being elite, it just bugs me when we lose to inferior teams. There are about 4 teams in the conference that are better than we are from a talent perspective, but right now we're 8th. That is what bothers me.
  • Rahat Huq says 1 YEAR ago I'm just as guilty as this as anyone but I think after the 10-2 stretch, we placed expectations too high on this team and thought it was the norm. Now that they've regressed to the mean, we're disappointed when in actually, they are what we've always thought they were. A pretty good team that will contend for and likely make the playoffs as a lower seed, but not a homecourt team.
  • cdhthegreat says 1 YEAR ago I've been talking Jason Thompson up a lot on thedreamshake.... He'd be my ideal easily gettable 4. Playing for a good team would probably help him out as well.
  • Stephen says 1 YEAR ago Wouldn't be surprised to see Beverly up soon,as defense on PGs is supposed to be a strength of his.

    My suggested tweak trade would be Pat(and prob Aldrich) to Sac for Jason Thompson.
    Thompson will never be an All-Star,but is a perfect complementary big,able to play PF or C. He rebounds well(9 Per36),plays decent D(a block a game),scores adequately(@ 11ppg on a team full of no-passing gunners). Has no 3pt shot and a MLE contract for 5 yrs,but he has height-6'11"-and can start at PF and shift to C when Asik goes out.
  • Stephen says 1 YEAR ago Re Jones in D-League. About 1/3 his shots are 3s,which he's hitting at @ .350 he's shooting nearly 50% on 2s(a few points below Pat) and he getting 5.8 Fts a game.(@ 36 minutes/game)
    Pat is shooting .343 on 3s,over 50% on twos,only 1/5 of his shots are 3s and he's getting 1.3 FTs a game.(@ 27 minutes/game)
    Morris is shooting .374 on 3s,over 50% on twos,w/@ 44% of his shots being 3s and getting 1.6 FTs a game.(@ 23 minutes/game)
    Jones is averaging 18.75ppg on 15.2 shots,Pat is getting 11.9ppg on 10.2 shots and Morris 8.8ppg on 7.5 shots.

    Interestingly,the three are scoring about the same per shot,but get their points differently.
    Jones gets to the line,Pat feasts on 2pt shots and Morris gets his from the 3pt line.
    Rebounding is hard to quantify as the talent level among the bigs is so different. However,Morris and Pat are both averaging 6.5 rebounds Per36 minutes and Jones in his limited minutes in the NBA ave'd 7.1 Per36.
  • Ostrow says 1 YEAR ago I would love them to bring back Landry, but there is no way that the Warriors would trade him. He is the type of player we need. A guy who you can throw it to in the post and can score. If someone like him is available and doesn't take a lot to get I think we need to make that deal. I know we have a ton of 4's, but we need someone who can score w/ his back to the basket.
  • cdhthegreat says 1 YEAR ago I fundamentally disagree with the "they are young so it's an excuse to lose" line of thought. You should beat teams you're better than, simple and plain. We have a horribly big hole at the 4 and the fact that the only way we can consistently score is on the break... both are failings of the coaching staff (half court deficiencies) and management (been drafting 4's for years and the 2 we end up with in the rotation do the EXACT same things offensively and have some of the same defensive flaws too? Bring back Landry).

    These losses were schedule losses so I'm not going to cry about them, but there are some foundational issues that need to be ironed out if we're going to be competing for a homecourt spot this year.
  • joshtwillis says 1 YEAR ago It's almost impossible not to be completly disappointed in a 3 game losing streak obviously. However I think we are all guilty of getting to high with our praise in a win or a winning streak and too low with our criticism in a loss, or in this case a losing streak. This is a very young team with 3 out of the five starters coming from different teams in the offseaon and eleven out of the fifteen players on the roster either being rookies or players coming from different teams and learning how to play with each other for the first time. As a fan sometimes the hardest things can be having patience, but so far this team has had a surprisingly very good start to the season and what looks to be a very bright future ahead.
    (sorry for the double post I hit the comment button on accident before I was finished)
  • joshtwillis says 1 YEAR ago It's almost impossible not to be completly disappointed in a 3 game losing streak obviously. However I think we are all guilty of getting to high with our praise in a win or a winning streak and too low with our criticism in a loss, or in this case a losing streak. This is a very young team with 3 out of the five starters coming from different teams in the offseaon and eleven out of the fiftenn learning to play with eath other for the first time
  • Bigtkirk says 1 YEAR ago Lin's consistency is still a bit suspect, but let's remember that he is still essentially a first year player at PG. He continues to show enough potential that improvement in consistency appears likely.

    On the other hand, PF is a real problem. Patterson appears to be, at best, a backup big. Morris may not even be that. Both played worse than a replacement level player against Philly.
  • Sir Thursday says 1 YEAR ago Also re: Harden's amazing play. It was very nice, but unfortunately the replay shows it was also a clear double dribble as he uses both hands to control the ball after putting it between his legs. It's a shame such a sweet move was tarnished by such a fundamental flaw :(.

  • Sir Thursday says 1 YEAR ago

    amacbrooks12, on 13 January 2013 - 06:25 AM said:

    So sick and tired of all these PGs absolutely abusing Jeremy Lin.

    To be fair, Holiday is a beast that anyone would struggle to guard. There's a reason they were so abysmal when we played them last time - he wasn't on the floor.

    It feels like the scouting report is catching up to the Rockets a bit. Teams know they've got to get back and defend in transition, and it's significantly reducing the number of quick shot opportunities the Rockets can get by running. Perhaps fatigue plays a part in that as well - I haven't been seeing players push the ball up the court with the same level of intent they had during the hot streak in the last few games.

  • amacbrooks12 says 1 YEAR ago So sick and tired of all these PGs absolutely abusing Jeremy Lin.
  • goRockets says 1 YEAR ago Maybe it's time to start Patterson at the 4, and Morris come off the bench. Patterson is the better defender, and too much pressure on Morris as starter. Lin did have a terrible shooting night, but he still had the best /- out of starters at 8, so that means when he goes off court, the Rockets can keep their leads. Douglas is too small a guard to defend the really good PGs.
  • cdhthegreat says 1 YEAR ago a roadie 4 games in 5 nights is tough...

    if we don't upgrade our 4 by the deadline I'm not sure we make the playoffs.

    we also need a halfcourt offense.
  • Red94 says 1 YEAR ago New post: Philadelphia 76ers 107, Houston Rockets 100: Morey needs to draft more power forwards.
  • Cooper says 1 YEAR ago Lin had a really rough game.

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