Houston Rockets forward Patrick Patterson out with bone bruise

via @Jonathan_Feigen.

Also via Feigen, Marcus Morris becomes the likely starter while rookie Terrence Jones will be recalled from the D-League.

A few thoughts:

  1. Regardless of your opinion on Patterson–and he’s a fairly polarizing figure given his rebounding inadequacies–any time you lose a starter, it’s a pretty big loss.  That effect is compounded by the fact that he’s a ‘big’ and that this is the youngest roster in all of basketball.  ‘Bigs’ have more responsibility (defensively) than other players and young teams inherently struggle with defensive cohesion.
  2. I’m no doctor, but these recurring injuries to Patterson are becoming slightly concerning.
  3. The silver lining is that Terrence Jones will get his shot.  I predict he’ll explode and never look back.  I’m basing this on the fact that the Rockets have had a breakout rookie in (seemingly) every year of Daryl Morey’s tenure with the team.
  4. I do not think this injury holds any consequence in potential trades.  Teams know what Patterson is: a relatively dependable ‘big’ with limited upside.  He probably had little trade value to begin with; this development does nothing to diminish that.

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