How Chris Bosh would fit with the Houston Rockets – Part 2

Thanks to the TrueHoop Network, I have the Synergy Sports database at my disposal for player evaluation.

The available data really underscores why Chris Bosh would be such a great fit with the Houston Rockets.

As a measuring stick, I used the numbers on Luis Scola because I felt he served as the comparison most conducive to conceptualization.

In 170 instances as the ‘roll man’ in pick&roll situations, Luis Scola shot 46%, scoring 47% of the time this past season.

By comparison, in 187 occurrences, Bosh shot 64%, scoring 63% of the time.

Anyone familiar with the personnel of this Houston Rockets team can easily imagine how such potency in the pick&roll could come as a boon.  Having a ‘roll man’ as dangerous as Bosh would make this backcourt even deadlier as both Aaron Brooks and Kevin Martin can already pull-up and create off the dribble.

But with Bosh, you wouldn’t exactly be sacrificing interior scoring.  The 6’10 forward shot 53% on his 548 post-ups, scoring on 55% of these occasions.

By comparison, Scola shot 49%, scoring 46% of the time during his 375 attempts.

But what about the other end of the floor?  Defense at the ‘4’ spot is imperative against the Western Conference’s powerhouses.  Chuck Hayes has been lock-down in shutting down opponents, but to win a title, the team cannot rely on his presence beyond situational circumstances.  To win without a superstar, all five players must be capable/potent scorers.

In post-up situations, Luis Scola’s man scored on 54% of the occasions, shooting 55% on these attempts.  Against Bosh, on the other hand, opponents shot 43%, scoring on 43% of the attempts.

There’s a small minority that still believes this team would be best served standing pat with Luis Scola at the ‘4’.  While Scola is a fine player, Chris Bosh he is not.

For many more reasons than just those outlined above, Chris Bosh will be worth every penny of the $16million he will earn next season and worth every last asset it would require the Houston Rockets to relinquish in a pursuit through trade.

About the author: Rahat Huq is a lawyer in real life and the founder and editor-in-chief of

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  • thetruthsports

    Bosh would be first Rocket star that is not expected to carry team by himself. (Francis,McGrady,Yao)
    Also not sure Chuck Hayes is “lock-down” in anything…though I love the Chuck Wagon!

  • nelson10

    Kindly check Chris Bosh's stats against WC power forwards as Scola was playing more against…

  • rahat huq

    Chuck – I think that your concerns are certainly with some merit. He has his warts – this is not Tim Duncan. But were he perfect, he wouldn’t be attainable.

    If you oppose this deal, I must ask, what would you have the team do? They must upgrade their overall talent but Lebron James is not walking through the door.

  • rahat huq

    Chuck – I think that your concerns are certainly with some merit. He has his warts – this is not Tim Duncan. But were he perfect, he wouldn’t be attainable.

    If you oppose this deal, I must ask, what would you have the team do? They must upgrade their overall talent but Lebron James is not walking through the door.

  • raps

    So happy that you guys want Chris, but it's going to COST you!!!!

    First, we're dumping either calderon or Hedo on you. Say We give you Jose and Bosh. Houston will have to return brooks or lowry +
    picks +
    budinger or ariza +
    scola or chuck

    take out your checkbook baby

  • Rapsuckanduknowit


    You must not know who Daryl Morey is.

    If you for one second think that the Rockets are going to get shafted in this deal….think again.

    We traded $23 million dollar, 30-year old, one-legged Tracy McGrady and chump change for:

    2 1st round picks (unprotected outside top- 2011 and top 3 2012 ), Jordan Hill (top-8 pick), Jared Jeffries, Hilton Armstrong, Kevin Martin, and Donny Walsh's dignity.

    I think we'll keep our checkbook, but would you like bag of potatoes?

  • Chuck

    yea great we get another soft, jump shooting 7 footer, with no intensity,heart or tenacity, only brings scoring, thats it. why are people so high on bosh? then you want to quantify it using advanced stats that benefit your column? c'mon dude. where in this formula can you insert his annual injury? or his dissappearance late in seasons? bosh is a tier 2 player who will capitolize and get paid like a tier 1 guy. his stats are products of his crappy team and crappy conference IMO, and when you break those down, ask yourself “why cant bosh get his teams into the playoffs?” we need a leader rahat, a tough guy who wont nut up and vanish when we need him the most, this trade would decimate the current lineup and kill the chemistry, yao isnt going to be some beast on the blocks, he's another big finesse guy, i dont see them co-existing. i really hope morey outsmarts everyone again and goes another direction, because im obviously in the minority but i think this trade would set us back 7 years. bosh does not make the players around him better thus he isnt worth the max. fin.

  • Rick

    “Bosh's stats are products of this crappy team”

    If you're referring to his offensive numbers, this has no basis at all. Bosh was a top 5 offensive player this year based on number of possessions used and efficiency, drew fouls at a rate up there with Lebron, Durant & D.Howard, and lead the most potent offense in the eastern conference (and one of the best in the league). Without Bosh, the Raptors offense suffered greatly (with barely an able playmaker on the roster) and even their defense got worse. This isn't a stat stuffer putting up a big Points per Game average with mediocre percentages on a bad offensive team. Chris Bosh was better offensively then EVERY big man in the league this year, including Dirk. The fact is, Bosh takes a high % of his shot attempts in the paint and draws a shit ton of fouls in the process. This does not = soft.

    While Bosh isn't quite an elite rebounder, he will get 10 per game in his sleep, crash the offensive boards (when the ball isn't constantly running through him in the post), and if paired with an able rebounder (not a marshmallow like Bargnani), they will control the defensive glass. No worries there.

    Defensively is where things get murky. He's certainly not as aggressive as he needs to be, but he generally has good awareness, talks a lot from the rear, makes solid rotations, and is usually a slight net positive. When paired with a guy like Amir Johnson, Shawn Marion, or even Jorge Garbajosa at PF, they were often quite disruptive. Yes, Bosh does some fine work at Center depending on the matchup and uses his quickness to its full advantage on both ends of the court. I imagine he'd excel next to a bigger defensive minded big man as well.

    Basically, when you play with big minute pylons like Bargnani, Calderon, and Turkoglu, on a team with seemingly no defensive chemistry whatsoever, everyone is going to look bad. Clearly he's not strong leader or game changer defensively, and this is why he'll never be a top 5 player. But you're not getting him for this reason. Bosh at 26 years old has continued to make good strides, and as long as your team was already competent defensively, you're plugging in easily a top 3 combination of post scoring and rebounding in the league.

  • Chuck

    rick you sound like you know your stuff, so where do the intangibles rate? how about his knee's? you do know the rockets are fed up with stars going down dont you? why cant he put his team in the playoffs if he's so dominant as your post seems to make him out to be? wade and lebron have put their teams in the playoffs with lineups that were inferior to what bosh has had. i just dont see how he's an upgrade over luis scola who will kill himself on defense, give you a solid 18/10 a night and is as durable as they come. i too am curious to see what bosh's numbers are against western conference bigs, but do they rockets really lack scoring? i feel its more a leadership and confidence at the end of games when the pressure is on and the team often down or tied, bosh doesnt stand out as a guy who will take that shot or make that shot at the end? far too often does he start a season on fire, and then get hurt. i cant go through another round of a max contract player constantly being injured.

  • bxczxcxz

    I don't know Mr. Morley, but I venture that you don't know him either. The key thing is what is Houson willing to pay for Bosh. they want him and have stated as much. They covet him because he is an all star who could help the team elevate its play to perennial playoff contender.

    You think that Houston got the better of NY and I agree. However, the trade was done because NY is blindly hoping to sign 2 all stars in the summer, so they took on mr McGrady and cleared cap space for their shopping spree.

    the same thing can be said of houston. How much are they willing to give up to get Bosh? Remember, there are several teams who would like Bosh, so you gotta ante up to get him. Scola is not better than Bosh, picks are unproven talent, chuck is a sophmore and you either have to give up brroks or ariza, but you'd be getting back JOse.

    Maybe it's asking too much, but it's not far fetched as you think.

  • Rick

    Bosh was actually quite good in the clutch this season. But do you really want to run the ball through your bigman at the end of the game? It's far too easy to collapse on a post man in this situation, and Bosh isn't the passer Garnett or Duncan is. But even then, you'd want the ball in the hands of Ginobili or Pierce. While Bosh has always been forced into that role, he's done a pretty decent job all things considered.

    The reason the Raptors didn't make the playoffs this year is become of their league worst defense. Bargnani and Calderon are two of the worst at their positions in the entire NBA, yet they play well over 30 min/game. Though, had Bosh not missed a big chunk of games down the stretch due to his somewhat shaky knees and a freak broken face, they would have been in the post season no question. With that said, expect Bosh to miss upwards of 10 games per season, which is a bit of a bummer, but not that big of a deal if you actually have a good supporting cast around him to ease the load a bit. This is what will ultimately drive him out of Toronto .. mediocre management with a flawed philosophy based on finesse and ownership unwilling to exceed the tax to acquire quality players like every other contending team has done.

    Again, Bosh isn't Garnett or Duncan on defense, but those guys were perennial mvp candidates, which are hard to come by. I don't see Bosh as being that perfect number 1 guy, but he's pretty damn close. He's a bit of an attention whore, seeks the the U.S. spotlight, but I don't see him being a chemistry problem. The best example is the Redeem Team, where Bosh jumped into the role as the team's garbage man and became the team's most effective big man.

  • Rapsuckanduknowit

    First off, his name is Daryl Morey. You name me single time since Daryl Morey has taken over has GM for the Rockets when the Rockets have been outdone in a trade. At this point, Toronto has no choice but to trade him for primarily TWO reasons, 1) he's sick of playing a team forever stuck in the doldrums of mediocrity. 2) he's an UNRESTRICTED FA, which means he could walk away for ZERO return. The only reason that it would be beneficial for Bosh to do a sign and trade is because he can retain his Bird Rights and sign for a much larger deal. If you figure economics into this deal, Bosh could technically just walk and come down to his home state of Texas where there is NO STATE INCOME TAX, and I'm sure he'd be perfectly content. At this point in his career, I would think that winning chip is worth more to him than a few bucks. Whether or not he comes to Houston in a sign and trade or simply signs with us, he'll be earning a pretty large paycheck.

    On sidenote, Chuck is not a “sophmore”…I'm not exactly sure where you get this term from because it doesn't belong in basketball lingo, unless you meant a player in his second year. The “sophmore” has been in the league since 2005. True, Scola isn't Bosh per se, but I'd hand you Scola in return for Bosh if absolutely need be, but I doubt Morey would go that route. If anything, you are looking at a package deal involving the likes of Ariza (zero ball-handling, thinks he's the old Tracy McGrady), Shane Battier (decent, but severely overrate defender with waning offensive skills, but good locker room figure), lowry, plus picks.

    In case you have forgotten, we still have Yao Ming, who is still considered the cornerstone of the team and if you guys were to take Scola, with Yao's return it wouldn't hurt nearly as much as you think. Not only that, if you think acquiring Bosh is all Morey has in mind, you are gravely mistaken. There is a reason why they call him the “Wizard”. He simply, makes things happen. Every NBA team knows this which is why every team is the league is gravitating towards his “Moneyball” methods of putting together an NBA team.

    Make no mistake, when all is said and done, the Rockets will end up with the longer end of the stick.

  • kojirou

    Uh, no.
    We will not take back either Jose or Hedo, and we will not give up Scola, Martin, Brooks, Lowry, or Yao. I would in fact argue that you guys wouldn't want us to take Hedo or Jose either – as we will not give you almost any good assets if we're taking back trash like those two. Period. Bosh would be an upgrade, but if you demand too much, we'll say “Forget you, Scola works good enough.”
    And the ante up game works both ways. Bosh has no interest in going to a team that's gutted itself to get him. And Colon Jelly has no interest in demanding too much from a team Bosh wants to go to, otherwise Bosh will say “Forget it, I'll go to Miami and you guys get nothing in the end.” And given Colon Jelly is in absolute “I have to get something back for Bosh if I want to keep my job” he cannot let Bosh walk for nothing.

  • Matt

    I like the Bosh angle but has anyone considered getting Lebron. Don't laugh. As long as we have Yao, the Rockets are the most popular international basketball team on the planet. Sure we can not give him top money but he will make that back on endorsements. He he wants to be a bigger global icon there is no better team to do it with then the Rockets.

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