Houston Rockets 99, Golden State Warriors 96

The Rockets won, improving their playoff odds to higher than the 2.3% it stood at this afternoon.  We’ll need to keep an eye on the development with Phoenix and Utah, but for tonight, in my eyes, the big story was the benching of Kyle Lowry. The team’s former MVP did not see a single minute in the second half.  We asked McHale about this and, as you just heard, he responded, he was “just trying to win a game.”  We did not get a chance to talk to Kyle.

Also interesting were McHale’s comments on Marcus Morris.  They provide a little bit of insight into why Morris may not have gotten much time this season. If you joined me on Twitter, I raved about Morris’ offensive arsenal after the forward scored six points in the second quarter including a beautiful turnaround from the corner.  I asked McHale about Morris’ stint tonight, expecting a positive response, but instead, he pointed out the mental errors the rookie forward made on the defensive end.

I see offense.  But McHale, needing to win, can’t afford defensive miscues. Mental lapses might be the one thing coaches tolerate least.  That’s why guys like Shane Battier and Patrick Patterson (this year) are still held in such high esteem despite their apparent offensive inabilities.

It will be interesting to see what happens with Lowry.  Tonight, combined with the shouting match during the Denver game, combined with the Dragic free agency situation makes me think it’s a safe bet Kyle will be dealt in the offseason.

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  • majik19

    Funny that you say you would expect Lowry to be dealt this offseason – I’m pretty sure everything was saying the same thing about Scola this last offseason (if not Martin). 
    Do you really think Lowry has any value right now? At midseason… the Lakers would have traded Gasol for him. Now… who is going to trade for him? And what?

  • rh_rivera

     @majik19 lowry is a known asset. 17ppg 8apg. He can hit these numbers over a full season as a starter easily. He also has one of the friendliest contracts in the LEAGUE at roughly 11mil over the next two years. That’s a STEAL. His injury was a fluke, and he’s only 26 y/o. There will be a big market for him, I’m thinking you could combine Lowry, a 14th pick, and say Chase Budinger to move into the top 10 of this draft. There will be teams in the top 10 that, because they draft the “best player available” will be faced with redundancies on the roster. Nothing kills an NBA team like having “too many guys” at the same position.

  • Stephen

    Plus there are teams desperate for a PG-Portland for example.
    I could see a “delayed trade” where Portland drafts a player for Houston w/their own pick and on July 1-when Portland has Cap room-the trade is finalized where Houston gets the drafted Player,Portland gets Lowry and the Dallas pick the Rockets have.
    I don’t think Lowry can get the Rockets into the top 10. Wash,Cleveland,Detroit,GS all have their young PGs,Charlotte isn’t trading a top pick they’ve tanked hard for,for Lowry. Toronto only goes for Lowry if someone will take Calderon.
    That leaves Sac,NO,Utah. I just can’t see Sac dropping out of top 5 for Lowry,esp w/them shopping Tyreke Evans and they need an SF or another big. NO isn’t trading their top 5 pick. Utah,maybe,but they can draft a PG instead and groom him for a yr.

  • wtflife

    As a question can’t we sign and trade Dragic? It is never mentioned, but I think that would be the ultimate selling high opportunity.
    I was curious of reasons that may not be a viable path.

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