Goran Dragic vs. Kyle Lowry: Followup

This was a series I had been writing throughout 2012 when it had initially become apparent that the Rockets would need to make a difficult decision between their two star point guards.  At that time of writing, it was unthinkable that the team would enter the next season with neither player on its roster.  But that’s what happened.  Management traded Kyle Lowry for the lottery pick that was used to acquire James Harden; it cut ties with Dragic over a player-option.  You can read that full series by clicking the tag at the bottom of this post.

Last year, it seemed unlikely either of these players would be relevant ever again.  This year, were it not for the glut of guards in the West, both players would be All-Stars.  Dragic, before Eric Bledsoe’s injury, had Phoenix on track for the most surprising start in the league, averaging 19.4ppg with a PER of 21.0.  Lowry has Toronto atop the pathetic Eastern Conference standings, sporting a PER of 20.0, 16 points, 7 assists, and 4 boards per game.  He’s also very much available for trade.

While the Rockets probably would theoretically have enough to put together a deal, I think that boat has already sailed – I doubt Kevin McHale would want to risk tinkering with the already fragile chemistry of this young team by adding Lowry, despite his awesome abilities.  It is, however, kind of neat to look back to 2011-2012, when it seemed the Rockets had two budding stars, and realize it wasn’t fool’s gold.  These guys were legit.

About the author: Rahat Huq is a lawyer in real life and the founder and editor-in-chief of Red94.net.

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