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Golden State Warriors @ Houston Rockets on 2/5/2013

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  • thejohnnygold says 1 YEAR ago I think Marc Jackson did the right thing...don't necessarily like the flagrant foul his player committed....but it was obvious the Rox were solely trying to beat the record...not just play...and he has every right to prevent that. Records like that only have meaning if they are earned in the context of real game play. Any team could set the record if they wanted to just by hoisting threes to no end...they would probably lose the game...but they'd get the record!
  • Freebird says 1 YEAR ago Probably not what they imagined, but it is what was constructed. All of our PFs are 3-capable by design, from what I gathered, to extend the opposing D. Makes the pick 'n roll that much more effective.

    What a shooting night, though! Everything was dropping for the Rox,a nd I'm glad I could witness it (considering I just got Season Pass on Monday).

    I was a bit irked by Marc Jackson's post game interview. If he was "old school", then he should be aware that (a) this was a historic moment, and (b ), no one will remember who the Rox dropped 24+ treys on in a few months. I understand the logic, but I don't agree with the methodology. Meh to MJ.

    Here's hoping the SAME THING HAPPENS next week. :)
  • Ostrow says 1 YEAR ago Delfino didn't even play and we hit that many 3's!!
  • thejohnnygold says 1 YEAR ago Can't read much into this anomaly of a game, but don't you think this is what Morey sees in his head when envisioning the execution of his plans?

    Of all the stats from this game the best one is turnovers. Lin and Asik each had 2 and Harden had 1. Keep it up guys.

    Also nice to see the bench get some run and do well. If those guys (particularly Anderson, D-Mo, and Beverley) can contribute 10-15 solid minutes per game by season's end...we can be giant killers come playoff time.
  • tombrokeoff says 1 YEAR ago Loved the little bit of the game I caught on ESPN2. Wish I could have caught the whole thing.
  • Red94 says 1 YEAR ago New post: Houston Rockets 140, Golden State Warriors 109 - “One more three!”
  • bboley24 says 1 YEAR ago Yeah. That just happened.
  • datruth says 1 YEAR ago great game rockets. mchale please continue to let the kids play. please, please, please
  • feelingsupersonic says 1 YEAR ago D-Mooooooooo ties the three point record!
  • timetodienow1234567 says 1 YEAR ago The Rockets are best when they play as a team. I didn't see a lot of that in Houston's losses. J-Lin has stepped his game up and became less tentative, Parsons has been shooting lights out and Harden started making the right basketball play which might have decreased his point total, but it's increased the wins. This game and the game against the Jazz is the model of playing offense. Now if only they could be better on defense as a team.
  • feelingsupersonic says 1 YEAR ago It is halftime and the Rockets have scored 77 points! 77 to the Warriors 62, wow!
  • myjohnlai says 1 YEAR ago It is interesting to notice that PPG of guards of both teams are about 38 points.

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