A glance at the Houston Rockets’ schedule for the week of February 5 through February 11


The Rockets should feast on these upcoming opponents this week, but then again, it’s not clear what to expect from the Rockets this past month.  Thursday’s game specifically is particularly intriguing as Ryan Anderson and Eric Gordon take on Terrence Jones and Donatas Motiejunas.  If Houston goes less than 3-0, I will be sad.


If it weren’t for Chris Paul and Blake Griffin’s respective injuries, Houston would have already relinquished their claim on the third seed.  It feels like just the other day when Houston was within a hair of the second seed, but barring some catastrophic injury to Kawhi Leonard, the Spurs have probably put away sufficient distance between themselves and the Rockets.  And look out for Utah – now that the Jazz are getting healthier, that’s probably the most menacing contender to Houston’s homecourt chances.  If the Rockets don’t snap out of this funk, and get it together in the second half, they will quickly find themselves in sixth and opening the playoffs on the road.

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