A glance at the Houston Rockets’ schedule for the week of February 19 through February 25


Just two games this week, and not even until Thursday, against the lowly Pelicans and Timberwolves.  I’d have felt comfortable back in December already tallying these two into the win column ahead of time, but with the Rockets’ shaky play since January, no game is safe.  Wednesday’s loss to the Heat doesn’t exactly inspire confidence.

I mistakenly referred to Charlotte as New Orleans, two weeks ago, previewing a Donatas Motiejunas and Terrence Jones reunion.  That will actually be this week.


The Rockets were five games up on Utah for the third seed, and three games back of the Spurs for the second seed, this time last week.  The lead now is four over the Clippers, with a four game deficit to the Spurs.  Like I said last week, while they had gotten to within 2.5 games of the Spurs, barring an unexpected injury to Kawhi Leonard, I think the Spurs are probably safe in second.  And it looks like the Clippers and Jazz will continue trading places the rest of the way, or at least until Chris Paul returns from injury.  Lastly, as of today, the Rockets would need to go 20-4 the rest of the way to win 60 games, something which is very likely to not happen.  Bummer.  That would have been fun.

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