Donatas Motiejunas to get first career start Wednesday vs. Bucks

via the Houston Chronicle.

There are few things more exciting than the first career start of an expected star, in any sport.  Fans call for it for months in advance.  Then, the coaches finally reward with the call.  Will the prodigy seize the opportunity and take hold of the position or squander the chance?

I had said back prior to the start of the season that by mid-year, Patrick Patterson would lose his starting spot to D-Mo.  I gave it until January.  We’re now in March.  It took trading Patterson to make it happen.

Now Motiejunas gets his full-time chance.  In his last two outings, he shone.  Now, he’ll be the starter.

It’s an exciting time because Donatas has the tools and the skillset to hold down the position for this team for the next decade.  Tomorrow, we could be watching the very start.

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