On the developing DeMarcus Cousins situation

Non-Rockets fans following me on Twitter must think I suffer from ADD.  At the news of any available star, over the past two-three years, I’ve immediately pounced, advocating that the Rockets pursue.  So it goes in Rocketland – most here realize this team, more than anything, is desperately in need of either a star or someone with potential to become one.

(Most of the time, there surfaces some report of the Rockets’ interest in said disgruntled star; I’m almost expecting that to happen this time around, as well.)

It seems now, from reports, that the trade demand was made during a heated moment during a timeout.  That certainly lessens the severity of the situation, though, one would have to think trouble is still brewing.  It’s a situation that needs to be watched.

For what its worth, I don’t think the Kings would comply with Cousins’ alleged “demand.”  They would just as soon trade Tyreke Evans or axe their coach (of 90’s Phoenix Suns fame.)  But stranger things have happened and our role on the internet is to speculate.

If Cousins truly is available, the Rockets would be wise to offer anyone on their roster (save budding All-Star Kyle Lowry) in return.  Skilled 7 footers don’t grow on trees.  In fact, I can’t remember the last time I saw one growing anywhere, period.

Cousins would be a risk, yes, and definitely not a no-brainer.  But for a team insistent upon competing (ie: avoiding the draft route), trading for the center would make sense.  To those arguing of his cancerous ways: he wouldn’t be allegedly available were he a choir boy.  For the Rockets to acquire a ‘star’–or potential one–, via trade, they’ll naturally have to be disgruntled in some manner.

Cousins would give the Rockets a building block to pair with Kyle Lowry.  They would not immediately improve this season, and depending on who they gave up, might even, were it to happen, take a step back.  But the team undoubtedly would be better for the future.  Few men holding clipboards are better suited for big man tutelage than the man who currently patrols the Rockets’ sidelines.  When we talk of Kevin McHale developing young players, we are not speaking in hypotheticals.  We are pointing to Kevin Garnett’s hall-of-fame career.

The ideal scenario would see the Rockets orchestrating some move to send one or both of Scola and Martin out to a third team, and bringing back Cousins and salary filler.  One almost has to admit that the possibility of a Patterson/Cousins frontline pairing is intriguing beyond belief.

Still, nothing concrete has developed and this could all just be smoke in the aftermath of a fiery moment.  We’ll watch closely as the situation develops.

About the author: Rahat Huq is a lawyer in real life and the founder and editor-in-chief of Red94.net.

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  • rahathuq

    morris/cousins/patterson frontline with lowry at point guard is a solid, solid core. you’d need another piece, but you’d atleast have a starting point.

  • Jdon76

    Any way we can land cousins for Patterson+Bud/Morris and then get in on a 3 way deal with Howard to Lakers, Pau to the Rockets and Bynum Martin Scola to Orlando? Rockets core = Lowry/Lee/Gasol/Cousins?

  • BlakeC

    @rahathuq Any chance Ive had, on this site and others I am an advocate for Morris, but do you really see him as a potential starter anytime soon? The reason I am questionable isn’t because Bud has played well(except for the Atlanta game he hasn’t), but it’s because it is becoming evident that Coach McHale is giving Parsons far more minutes. Parsons has played well in those minutes, so the numbers may be more skewed than intended as I would assume had he not played well he’d have been pulled sooner. Morris has the potential, but I need to see more of it before I go diving head first at a Morris/Patterson/Cousins(or other big man) frontcourt. Anyway I think I jumped off topic as this is about Cousins, which I wouldn’t mind seeing teamed back up with Patterson.

  • thestressor

    Raise you one, just in case Orlando decides they want a mix of youth and vets.


  • Jeby

    The thing I’d like to know about Cousins is if his trade demand stems from basketball reasons, like the fact that there are no decent passers on his team, or from a selfish feeling of entitlement that the Kings’ organization isn’t doing enough to make him feel loved, coddled, and more special than all the other kids.

    I have a feeling it’s mostly the second reason, enabled further by the first.

  • Stephen

    Regardless of the “trade demand”,there is a huge problem in Sac. The coach has a history of throwing players under bus when the heat is on and for the Organization to allow the coach to make the statement he did…either Cousins is gone,the coach is fired or both.

    You cannot as an Organization allow your head Coach to announce your promising young player has asked for a trade and will sit until he gets w/the program and expect this to turn out well.

    If Cousins does become available,should the Rockets go for him? Tough call.

    Having watched a lot of Kings games last yr(thank you League Pass and a morbid fascination w/a train wreck of a team that had several ex-Rockets),Cousins has a ton of talent but some awfully worrying traits. Fights for rebounds,good passer,willing to play big. OTOH,horrible decision-making,a penchant for thinking he’s a guard and dribbling into trouble and an unjustified faith in his jumper. He also does NOT play above the rim,he uses his body to carve out space and relies on quickness,which could pose problems if he puts back on the weight and then adds more. He too often displays the maturity of a 16 year old on the court and has terrible body language when things are not going great. Then again,whens he’s rolling,he is very,very good and off-court he seems to be a nice guy.

    Sacramento has done a terrible job of working w/their bigs. Carl Landry alluded to it and the results are pretty plain in the non-development in Sac’s young bigs.(Let’s not forget Dalembert refused more money in Sac once he could get a firm Rocket’s offer.)

    The situation is not helped by Tyreke Evans’ inability to act as a PG and this yr’s using Marcus Thornton as the other Gd. Thornton has a similar Assist% as Kevin Martin,which sounds fine,except Thornton gets nearly a third of his minutes as a PG.

    I do think there’s an Alpha Dog issue here. Cousins was the Man in College and in Sac,Evans is their guy. I think Cousins wants to be the main guy and is frustrated because he can’t w/the Organization promoting Evans at every opportunity.(Telling is the one fight Cousins got into-the one w/Donte Greene-was over Greene passing to Evans for a last shot instead of to him.)

    As to Cousins to the Rockets,I’d hesitantly say yes. Having a fellow big in McHale to work w/him,Lowry to feed him the ball,no other players to fight for the spotlight and sneakily,having a College coach on the staff,Morey you far-seeing b******!,makes a decent support system that might work. Assuming Cousins doesn’t take yrs to mature.

  • Gabe

    Samuel Dalembert was signed as our free agent center and can’t be traded for three months after he has been signed which is March 1st, 2012. Crap. We would then have to include Scola which isn’t a big deal, but we would have to juggle Cousins, Hill, and Dalembert.

  • Jeby

    @Gabe Hill is more of a natural PF. Wouldn’t be a problem.

  • Wtflife

    I find it very questionable to tout McHale’s influence as the driving force in Kevin Garnett’s development? The coach of young Kevin Garnett was Flip Saunders I believe. Maybe he was deeply involved in teaching Garnett it would explain some of the Minnesota draft picks if their GM was busy working one on one with his players. I doubt this though. What is it that is exciting about McHale as a coach that I am not seeing.

  • Dave Newood

    Mixed feelings, he has potential. But his attitude concerns me. I would like to see him with our backcourt, and reuniting him with 2Pat would be scary good.

  • Greg Wilson

    Is he “Eddie Griffin” troubled or “Charles Barkley” troubled?

  • Red94

    good question

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