Daryl Morey on Kevin McHale (a few questions after the press conference)


I’ll have some more thoughts later on in the day.

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  • Jodorowsky

    Daryl always looks like he just ate a big lunch and is having a tough time keeping it down.

  • Stephen

    Hello Mr Singleton(or Mr Leonard or Mr Honeycutt).
    Goodbye to all the daft eligible non-defenders.

    Mr Sterling,we’re throwing a ton of money at Mr Jordan,match it if you can.

  • Stephen

    Umm,should be draft eligible non-defenders.

  • Jodorowsky

    I went to FSU and have seen almost every game Chris Singleton has played in and he is such a fantastic player. He can defend 4 positions knock down threes when need be and is a really smart well spoken guy. I’m really hoping that we draft him. 

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