The Daily Blast – January 31, 2013

Royce White Will Tie Your Brain Into a Pretzel – Houston’s enigmatic rookie sits down with Chuck Klosterman to discuss the human condition. Important basketball note: White says he’s only shooting about once a week. Here’s where the article starts to get real:

However, there’s a much larger issue at play here, and it’s unrelated to the game of basketball. It has to do with White’s wider view on how mental illness — both his own, and those of others — is destroying the fabric of modern living. He’s obsessed with the idea that no one wants to accept the “reality” of a profound social crisis he sees everywhere, infiltrating every aspect of culture and killing us softly.

After the jump: you want to be in James Harden’s entourage.

Beardwatch – Kris Humphries can’t touch the Beardness.

Remember what it was like when Houston didn’t have a player who anyone wanted to see in a commercial? I try not to.

Tweet That

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The 38th pick of the 2011 NBA draft is headed to the rookie-sophomore game.

Sabermeterrific – Hardwood Paroxysm examines which quarter is the most important to outscore your opponent in. Kyle Soppe writes:

The total number of wins by the quarterly NetRtg leader decreases as you progress through the game. But this trend isn’t only true for the elite teams, it holds true for the NBA as a whole.

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