Chandler Parsons’ shooting woes

Chandler Parsons–invitee to the Haier Shooting Stars challenge–is having a very good year.  He’s also shooting 42% from the floor overall and 29% on 3’s.

In the clip above, Kyle Lowry penetrates, sucking in the defense.  After the kickout, there’s no defender even remotely near Chandler Parsons.

Instead of taking the open shot, he drives in, dishing off to Patrick Patterson.

Patterson’s open, sure.  But not as open as was Chandler, and Grizz defenders were closing in close enough to prevent a dunk. It would have been simpler for Chandler to just take the ‘3’.  A wide open ‘3’ is as efficient as it gets, some would argue.

Parsons has been one of the team’s most important players this season, and a big surprise.  But for him to take the next step, he’ll need to learn how to shoot. Luckily, it’s the easiest thing in basketball to master.

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  • thecommoner21

    Hey Rahat, would you mind explaining why a 3 pointer is the most efficient shot?  I’ve heard this many times but have never understood the logic.  I don’t doubt it’s true, I’ve just never had it explained to me.

  • favianpua

    I’m ok with Parsons taking the three. Of course, the lane parted for a split second, so he took a risk and made a play for the dunk/layup before bailing out at the last second to Patterson. I wouldn’t hold it against Parsons for taking it strong to the hoop, but then again his free throw percentage is unspeakable. I’m going roundabout here, I can’t make up my mind Rahat!

  • SirThursday

    thecommoner21 – The extra points you get for the 3 point shot mean that you don’t have to shoot anywhere near as high a percentage as you would for a two point shot in order to get the same expected return from your possession. A passable NBA 3-point shooter will have a 3PT% of about 33%, so right off the bat you need a 50% FG% from inside the arc to match up with that. But you would expect shooters to record a higher percentage on uncontested 3-pointers than their season average. That’s what makes the shot so efficient.
    I would have guessed that a layup is probably slightly more efficient for most players than a 3 point shot. Let’s pluck some numbers out of thin air and say that you expect 40% on uncontested 3-point makes. That is as efficient as a shot you’d expect to make 60% of the time from inside the arc. I’d have thought most NBA players are better than 60% at layups.

  • rahathuq

     @thecommoner21 see sir thursday, above

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