The Boston Celtics are interested in Shane Battier, of course.

Because I’m in a big cannibalistic promotion mood today, more news courtesy of True Hoop and Marc Stein:

Add Houston’s Shane Battier to the list of perimeter players that possess the ideal combination — veteran know-how with an expiring contract — to interest the Boston Celtics.

Celtics president of basketball operations Danny Ainge has publicly acknowledged the need for backcourt reinforcements thanks to the Marquis Daniels’ bruised spinal cord and Delonte West’s spotty health all season.

After the name of Cleveland’s Anthony Parker surfaced Friday as a player that Boston has joined conference rival Chicago in pursuing, sources said Monday that the Celtics and Rockets have likewise discussed the prospect of Battier moving East.

There’s no talk of what such a deal might bring back to Houston (likely draft picks or some collection of the team’s younger talent like Semih Erden and Avery Bradley), but no one can feel good about Boston as a possible trade partner for the Rockets in this time of need for young talent, that is unless you’re just cheering for Battier to end up in a good spot where he can win a title. In that case, cheers to you, guy.

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  • Keith

    Chris Mannix already reporting the deal isnt happening and now Denver is saying they want to keep Nene and JR smith

  • Ignoring the fact that this was more or less debunked soon after (or closed according to whatever sources provided to ChrisMannixSI), if this trade went down I would probably feel conflicted.

    In a hypothetical situation, Battier going to the Celtics allows him a better chance for a ring. However, it would be sad to see the guy go. Shane is all heart and hustle. Plus, the Celtics have nothing. I rather move Shane in part of a bigger deal that nets us more than a bag of peanuts and a half eaten sandwich.

  • Anonymous

    Only if we could shake Big Baby from the Celtic’s tree would I be OK with sending Shane there, they want him, it will have to be a 3-way, unless..

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