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Lin or Beverley: Who Should Start?

I want to piggy-back off of a post of Michael Pina’s from May, in which he evaluated Patrick Beverley’s contributions to the Rockets. In that post, Pina asked whether Beverley could realistically start over Lin. I want to re-visit this question in greater detail.

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Filling Out the Roster

With Dwight Howard securely ensconced as a Houston Rocket, the front office has lately turned its attention to filling out the rest of the roster. Of last season’s players who are no longer with Houston,  Carlos Delfino stands alone as the only major rotation player and an integral part of last season’s success. Morey & [...]

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Dwight Howard + Houston Rockets = Elite Defense?

Last week I addressed the benefits that Dwight Howard would bring on offense; this week’s column looks at how Dwight will help on the other end of the floor. The Rockets were a middle of the road defensive team last season. With the addition of a (hopefully healthy) Howard, there is every reason to believe [...]

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How Will Dwight Howard Integrate with the Rockets?

The acquisition of Dwight Howard marks a turning point in the Rockets’ fortunes. At last, Houston has two bona fide stars, two potentially top-10 players that can form the foundation of a championship contender. This week and next, I’ll be looking at the impact of Howard’s acquisition on the Rockets as a team. This week, [...]

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Which Rockets Players Have the Best Contracts?

Over at Hickory High a few weeks ago, I looked at a little metric I created called value ratio to assess the best and worst contracts in the league. In simple terms, I looked at the ratio of a player’s salary vs. the median salary compared with the ratio of his win shares vs. median [...]

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