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On the NBA: Let’s make playoff love, not war

The playoffs show us something curious: the difference between the ideal and the practical. A “bad matchup” suggests, to me, not some rare quirk of the game or misnomer, but that we evaluate players with too much lack of the particular. When I hear X is better than Y, but Y is just a bad [...]

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On the NBA: Moral Victories

Yes, we believe in these—some of us do, anyway. In all likelihood, your propensity to dub a loss as a victory in the “moral” department is greatly exacerbated by your emotional proximity to the team of discussion. When we put our pride in other men and they’ve handled it wrong, this distinction gives is something [...]

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On the NBA: What do the sleeves mean?

What’s up with these sleeves on the jerseys? Are we only talking about them because of our exhausting dorkdom for the game, or is there something actually going on? Asked about the fancy t-shirts at his All-Star Weekend press conference, commissioner Adam Silver said that he’s prolonging the experiment because they’re selling at a very [...]

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On the NBA: “Skills” Contests

On the eve of the 2014 NBA All-Star weekend in New Orleans, a bit of research fell onto the doormat of basketball’s blogosphere. “Databall,” an article by Grantland’s Kirk Goldsberry, explains a paper which proposes to institute a revolutionary new measurement known as EPV—short for Expected Point Value. The statistic seeks to quantify the scoring [...]

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On the NBA: League reality is something less than BattleTanx

Over-proclamations of tanking are wearing on me, fast. It’s become the last line of ego defense for frans who’ve put too much personal pride into their franchises—which, make no mistake, describes this writer—to either take a bit of schaudenfreude-soaked glee in this disarray of other organizations or, alternately, to suggest your own home city’s losing [...]

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