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On the NBA: Hating greatness

Yes, it’s true, we swim in a sea of LeBron Hate. But I’m not convinced it’s toxic in any novel way. We’ve always had this. Social media, of course, grants some transparency to many of our uglier voices. But the hot spittle of the mediocre-feeling masses is nothing to sound the alarm about, disturbing racial [...]

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On the NBA: Rings won in July

It seems unlikely that the Indiana Pacers will return. The Miami Heat killed them last night, did they not? Their assassination came through the Heat’s indifference; Lance Stephenson’s attempts to enter LeBron James’ head were met with a shrug and more excellence. Roy Hibbert has had skill stolen by Nerdlucks once again, he’s a toppling [...]

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On the NBA: Let’s make playoff love, not war

The playoffs show us something curious: the difference between the ideal and the practical. A “bad matchup” suggests, to me, not some rare quirk of the game or misnomer, but that we evaluate players with too much lack of the particular. When I hear X is better than Y, but Y is just a bad [...]

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On the NBA: Moral Victories

Yes, we believe in these—some of us do, anyway. In all likelihood, your propensity to dub a loss as a victory in the “moral” department is greatly exacerbated by your emotional proximity to the team of discussion. When we put our pride in other men and they’ve handled it wrong, this distinction gives is something [...]

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On the NBA: What do the sleeves mean?

What’s up with these sleeves on the jerseys? Are we only talking about them because of our exhausting dorkdom for the game, or is there something actually going on? Asked about the fancy t-shirts at his All-Star Weekend press conference, commissioner Adam Silver said that he’s prolonging the experiment because they’re selling at a very [...]

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